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  1. "Because after this, they went to a decent motor" .... TROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LOL LOL LOOOOOOOOOL
  2. That's quite the infestation of slant front KP's you've got. I think you can get a cream for that.
  3. Is Kevin not doing his job? 4 mice now is 40 mice next month... Still, at least you're providing a valuable food resource for the local bird population (Moreporks, Falcon, Hawks, etc.)
  4. So the little sister was having a few issues, weird noises from diff/drivetrain had been there from day one. Blown headgasket was new because she cooked it due to leaking radiator and waterpump. Anyway, yesterday I changed it from this complete driveable vehicle: To this: ...but not before attempting to remove the disgusting dog smell that has infused itself into the car. Dehumifier plus Glade - Plug in. Left that running in there over-night. It's still going. Take no chances. Anyway, after I pulled the motor and gear-bag out, I discovered a rather sloppy input shaft on the
  5. I've contemplated this one a couple of times lately... http://www.trademe.co.nz/business-farming-industry/industrial/hoists-jacks/auction-825034193.htm
  6. I've been attacked by those when I lived in Auckland. Of course, I say attacked but really.. they were just moth'ing about and when you're not used to such a scale of moth they are initially quite startling if coming towards your head.
  7. Jealous, bird life is so cool. Even if you dislike the wood chickens, their massive swooping and flight noise in and around the bush is awesome, you can always tell when one is near. Keen to see some NZ Falcons up close, I've witnessed from afar. Most birds of prey are just amazeballs. Someone needs to bring back a Haast eagle using DNA science magic wizardry. Bush robins although perhaps tedious are also a favourite of mine, as are the all too familiar fantails, though apparently bad luck I've had a completely black one follow me around the bush once, it was awesomesauce. The bush is co
  8. Your mother still can't tell when it's inserted. HELLO! Hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello.
  9. Build Thread That doesn't look too shabby at all man, I don't think the 14's will be that bad with some smaller tires and a bit of low, on the plus side though, you have 5x114.3 so getting something Japanese is generally cheaper than the 4 stud version.
  10. Did you/Shaz doing little sex wees in your/her pantaloons at such an event? I'm pretty sure you both would have. Weirdos.
  11. Not with the W55's first gear you wouldn't. That sucker is crazy.
  12. With a wheezy ol' 308? AAAAAAAAAAAAHHAHAA ...mostly for 800rpm highway cruising.
  13. Not all utes had skidders, Steve. Or.. maybe my brother's one had been swapped out. Regardless. Get a 2.60
  14. I'm not sure what's happening. I was pushing for sale of GMH and purchase of GM.
  15. I think I've still got a VK key somewhere... ...DUN DUN STOLEN WHEN I'M UP NEXT
  16. ^ This. k to the k to the k is so old now he can't let the clutch out fast regardless, it would put his hip out.
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