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  1. @Pushiepirate Why did they stop making them? No market? Or technical issues?
  2. @Pushiepirate keen on some info links on the 1 Cell warbirds please....they look awesome!
  3. Yes..... Just had t check, marine are all down in the VHF spectrum and are "protected".....
  4. <sigh> The perfect storm unfortunately....opportunity might exist to visit parents before we contract something that might kill them so might have to do that instead. That pic had me questioning that decision however.
  5. Wide feet/ Low /paint Olive Drab with Hammer and Sickle decals on door please...
  6. I might be able to provide enough for each vehicle......the joys of working for an RF company.
  7. Keen to ride shotgun, can put neds towards adventures.
  8. Me to @h4nd: "Im at home in an empty house smashing chinese takeaways!" H4Nd: "Excellent! Time for Saab!!" Me: : (UUUmmmmmmmmmmmmm).......Yeah, yeah........" I worked out tonight that back in 1968, a Swedish engineer said "I know! Ven za stupid englisher swine goes to take of ze handbrake cable, I'll put a sharp as fuck bracket in ze vay!! Wundabar!!" (Why the Swedish engineer was speaking Commando Comic german I'm not sure...) So after much head scratching, exertion, time under the car getting rained on by swedish under coatings and general all round good times, I go
  9. Had we known there could have been a smoke display from Christchurchs finest.
  10. Got to drive @h4nd's Dai home, now I've got a wet bum as well. /There may have been a few "Oh Crap" moments......thanks drum brakes and old suspension....
  11. Nah, should blow through. Photos from Timaru are already in sunshine
  12. We had a C64 (Wizard of Wor FTW) but lusted after a friends S64....such an awesome machine.
  13. But seriously, one day I'll get this bad boy fixed up... . Needs a new LCD but powers up okay or did ( /ran when parked). Its a high end Graphite Model somehow frankensteined into an Indigo Blue case. But man, I'd love a Tangerine or Lime case for it.
  14. Olivetti P101.....we had one when I was at high school in the computer lab (C64's and an Apple IIe). I could program it to do complex mathematics (primes etc), could save programs on magnetic cards. Apparently they used them for the moon landings. /Old man rant
  15. Beginnings of an Oldschool Steampunk noise box. First up: The oscillator (courtesy of valve via @h4nd)
  16. So the orange skoda will only live on in my dreams amidst regrets of the one that got away...
  17. So how much is left there now? Are we all too late?
  18. So I’m safe for a few years, that’s good to know.
  19. Seized and temperamental......Its a fight I dont really want to keep on having. Also because of European madness the release is on the passenger side.
  20. Do I have to book a time, or will you just turn up unannounced?
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