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  1. Shinko Goldenboy 275x18 mad dog's are due late October for those wondering. There will be 250x17's arriving in the same shipment. Great for clearing that front guard. Cheers friends.
  2. No glue to seal the rim halves together. Usually just years of water and surface rust that causes them to stick together. Try not to do my favourite trick of pinching the tube between the rims. It's a great time. Looking good though mate!
  3. I understand your pine at the fuel injection/elec start life now. It's quite superior.
  4. A majority of the non OS people on that list are the Gizzy fellas from last year that had the gyro and the CT's and like 900 double browns strapped to the back of the gyro (which were all empties by the end of the Motu road). I think.
  5. Organise them then fellas. Thats what made me organise rides. Because all that existed for a long time was for bigger stuff. No fun for smaller bike riders when they're sharing the road with bigger ones in a group setting. Would be cool to see you there though.
  6. Just a single dayer. I would be keen to re do this and go further over a few days in summer though. Last time we did this ride 3 years ago I ended up getting a flat pretty quick and my repair went flat too. So I ended up following in the spacio for the ride.
  7. Raglan Ride Revisited Saturday 26 September 2020. *Entry form at the bottom of this post* Save the date. This is a predominantly GRAVEL ride on well used roads between the towns of Raglan and Kawhia. This ride is open to any Small Bikes/Scooters than can hold 60KPH for several hours at a time and be self sufficient. You need to be very sure of this. Get KM's on your bike before hand. Don't turn up with something untested. If you break down you'll be walking a long way with your bike and there are large patches of no cell phone reception at all. There WILL be an entry form for this and numbers will be limited. First in, first serve. Gotta keep tabs for safety reasons on a longer run like this. Road legal bikes only. 200cc limit. No new Sports/Cruiser/Dirt bikes etc. You CAN do this on an SJ50. It's just punishing. You definitely don't wanna do this on your average FA50. Unsure? Ask. Proper event will be made in week or so. See pics for more details. This isn't a race. No dicks. Cheers. Approximate route (stole map from last time): A bike riding: More: Yes: Come hang: Barry enjoyed it: This is a good chance to test out your bike pre Te Uruwera ride. The text I put at the top of the post is a copy and paste from Moped NZ, hence the stern tone. If for any reason after the entry form appears you miss out just message me and I'll throw you an OS dispensation entry. ENTRY FORM: Limited entries available. Come hang out. Cheers friends. It's a good day out. Rain, hail or shine.
  8. Hi guys I think about this daily. Probably gonna definitely maybe do a (contradictory enough?) Raglan to Kawhia and return run in September to ruin our bikes before hand if anyone is keen.
  9. Tell him to sort out that horrid splatter welding holding the front engine mount. Lol.
  10. Possible unpopular opinion. Big bikes joining along on this ride make it shit. Daves a great guy but he crashed into 2 bikes on the first day and almost buttholed off a few times. I think the whole appeal of this is people taking stuff that isn’t designed for it to have fun. Others may disagree and they’re welcome too. But this ride would be easy on a big bike. Which defeats the whole purpose.
  11. Anyway. @anglia4 my system says 275x18 SR241's should be here later this month. I'll try remember to keep an eye out for you and if any appear I'll order a couple.
  12. Just be aware Motozone dips into Whites (wholesaler) stock and will list stuff even if it's indented. It will still come with that auction but it's likely to be on back order till the end of the month.
  13. Bugger, totally missed the 18 part even though I just talked about it a few comments above. 2.75 + 3.00x18 are both listed as 'indent' with the supplier, meaning they've made a provision to get some next shipment but don't have them yet. Supposedly (fingers crossed) they will come into stock after 21/07/2020. So keep at it. Maybe tentatively order with that shop? If they can't help then get at me.
  14. In 17" the only size they carry is the 2.75x17. The ones coming to us are all accounted for. 2 in stock with the supplier still so if you use these guys (they tap directly into the suppliers stock level) you should be able to get a pair.
  15. Hi people. I like tyres and can get all of them. Whilst SR241's are a mad dog tyre (and can definitely fit a 1.4 wheel - main issue is fitment between forks and/or guards) There are other options available. Well there is one option. You can get these: Available in 2.50/2.75/3.00x18. Also available in 2.50/2.75/3.00x18 Also soz. But the NZ supplier will only have a couple of SR241's till later this month because I just ordered most of them. TOP TIP: Use heavy duty 17" tubes for max non flat tyres.
  16. Someone could always put the SJ50 on their rear rack too.
  17. What about a backup backup vehicle to carry the backup backup bikes? Just throw one of J5's CT110s and a litre of 10w40 on one of the trailers. Only one backup bike makes people prep their bikes better.