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  1. For all those wondering about road access, the CT125 wheelie champ, Dan has been out to Waikaremoana in the last week with no issues. Not exactly on the route this year but hopefully that bodes well for access to the rest of the cape.
  2. Pesting around this weekend figuring out the smaller intricacies of the Venue. Gives some idea at the distance between the hill climb and the drag/main track. Made a berm a bit more exciting. Should end up pretty fun. Have a BIG BLOCK ain't gonna be the key to winning on that track. Being a mad dog that can turn well and having good tyres will make all the difference. It's a first/second gear track on the FX125.
  3. Just a reminder that if you've been invited and will be coming - you need to complete the entry form ASAP. I have a list of people that are keen if others pull out and I will start to invite them by the middle of October as I want plenty of time for entrants to be sorted. Invites have already been sent to the maximum number of entrants allowed. I know of a few people that have said they are coming and have sorted stuff but haven't done the form. Don't miss out. Because once spots are full they're full. Please get it done! Here's a preview for those coming: https://youtu.be/Ppe4nJRzQHE
  4. Yeah I did see that this morning. Meant to be the later one. Will just roll with it. Garlic consumption is mandatory.
  5. Just to make it entirely clear. If you aren’t keen on the rules and you are invited, don’t come. Make your own event. I make these events because I want to do stuff I like with my mates and put a lot of hours into making them happen. I love nothing more than seeing people come and have a good time at my events. It’s genuinely the coolest feeling. I put these on with the help of few legendary people and we all put countless hours into making a safe and fun environment for dirt skids. Every event I have created that I’ve charged for actually cost more than I collected and I am entirely fine with that because I do this for fun and not as a way to make money. There are much easier ways to make a few $$$. Truth be told I took 18 months off holding events because it was mentally overwhelming dealing with the amount of negativity that people would direct towards something literally wouldn’t exist if me and my mates didn’t put some effort in. Im really not trying to sound like a dick but it’s also extremely dull to be on the receiving end of and I have zero time for it anymore. So with that said, here’s a very crappy photo of the main track after a week of weed killer. The field is rather un flat but the altitude makes it look otherwise. Flew a drone above the track today to get this photo and didn’t have auto focus on (because I’m a spoon). But will head back this weekend and get some nice video of the area to get the pine growing.
  6. Hey guys. I made a video of me hooning the FX125 and gave it a clickbait title. Actually quite cool looking into the history of the road. Managed to find the ‘95 stage maps and the Motu was divided into 2 x 20KM ish stages. McRae won there a couple of times. And Ken Block even has 5 minutes of an NZ vlog dedicated to the time he drove to the Motu in a Ford ranger - went half way over and then back again. Anyway. Inspired me to dig this out and throw it up because I never really used much of this footage. Less than 2 months to go!
  7. Hey guys. Just discovered a terrible crime. The 2018 Eastcape Video by @BLIZZOonly has 22 views. It’s the most similar route to this year. Have a geez:
  8. Here's a DRAFT map. Hard to make the track corners look right on paint. But at least it brings a bit more substance to the scale of things. Also FYI numbers are already pretty up there with the initial invite list (not sent yet). If you or anyone you know is keen then nows the time to let me know. Notes: Track field isn't as flat as it looks. Drag field is flat enough. Hill climb is gonna be silly. More deets coming in invites hopefully this weekend.
  9. Main track planned. Hill climb and drag area sorted. Will have an entry form out next weekend ish for those that are coming. Exciting times!
  10. We’ve literally welded two bikes together for me so that means the 140 is well deserved.
  11. Yep. Doesn't run. Not painted. Lol. Not done a final assemble either.
  12. The wet weather gear I used last year on the last day and stayed dry as heck with. Also on the first Te Uruwera ride when heading to the lake when the heavens opened. Also featuring a minuscule amount of footage from last year.
  13. Too easy. Boring. In all seriousness, questions like that are the reason I held off doing events for ages. (which is my problem, not anyone elses, but still) This is for people to get creative and have a laugh with their mates. With all the events I've done over the years there has been one thing in common - People keen to suggest how it should be done but they don't actually create their own events. The rules are what they are. Everyone has 4+ months to trade their Xbox controllers for a pitty pup and then trade that for a little 125 something. Or smaller. Bring an old 2 stroke. Just no twist and gos.
  14. Probably worth making an update here. Had promised details by mid August. Pretty much ironed out the events and the categories. Will throw something up in the next week with more deets. Go get ya 5G injection and lets make sure this thing happens. Need you fellas alive to crash your bikes next January. A couple of bits of info to tie you over: - There WILL be camping the night before and after the event. However you'll need to vacate Sunday morning. Night before the event won't be a massive affair. - NO CVT Twist and Gos. Also 125cc max. - It will cost money. Not thousands, but enough to cover stuff like event patch/stickers etc and portaloo. - Entry forms will be sent to those that have expressed interest or those that have chatted to me about this. No form, no race. - Numbers will be limited, "invite only". We are super bloody lucky that this land is being made available and need to respect that fact. No dickery. Anyway, talk soon. Happy building.
  15. Epic. I think @Thphantum is also doing his usual tricks. Will be good to have a couple of rolling chefs/repair vehicles.
  16. That scoot you got doesn’t really have knobbly tyres around in its size. You’ll have to stick with the road ones probably.
  17. Nope. Will stay the same. Just the frame, swingers/wheels etc. Most excited about my CT125 switch blocks at the moment.
  18. I’ve almost got everything here finally. Then wiring and stuff. Then paint. Then skids.
  19. Giz a bike update for all you fellas. Theres been no spam for ages so it's time to create a page or two.
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