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  1. Spam in real life without the mouthbreathers? I'm in.
  2. And the muddy car show in the middle of the oval.
  3. Forgot to post these here. This was the swap meat:
  4. This year will be the 6th run. Oh how innocent we were back at the beginning.
  5. @Roman stop trying to be humble and take our dang money.
  6. I will be in a long LDV van. Because I need to deliver stuff. It will be os in 19 years don't worry.
  7. Tuk Tuk may be in bits. Will see. Otherwise will WABE it.
  8. Sweet. Title ain't right aye? We talking nek Tuesday?
  9. Thats epic. My old boss just had one of his workers create this contraption. Go the 2 strokes!
  10. Alright people, I have a strict Tuesday/Saturday upload schedule. So this video won't be searchable and public till Tuesday - I'd appreciate the link not being shared around till Tuesday. BUT for oldschool.co.ng members, I shall post it below. Mainly because @Roman and I have already watched it and are impatient. Please interact with the video if ya like it. Was very very very very fun to come and check out a car in it's natural? habitat. Okay, enough advertising my own film project in someones build thread. Here's the link:
  11. He's gone full sustainability and looking into communes around NZ to join. Good times. Welded a few of my bike things up before. Good luck with the bikes. Do a big Suzuki skid!
  12. Did you get to meet the Viking lad selling them @Vintage Grumble? Tried to palm those off to me after sending a lot of messages asking for help and I still haven't replied. Dodged that bullet. Yeeehaw.
  13. You slamming this thing down the strip at Meremere? Would be keen to come watch the next time (whenever that may be) and take a few videos of this vehicular perfection if you're not averse to such things.
  14. The thing I linked is Webikes backend OEM part tool. It's all genuine parts straight from the factories. I've got a tonne from them. Not to be confused with all the aftermarket parts they have on the main site.@Raizer pests it quite a bit too. Just usually cheaper than going through a local dealer or CMSNL - often faster as they end up coming from the same place but the local dealers have to sit on their thumbs for a few days first before they can be bothered doing a specific order.
  15. If you need geguine parts; find part numbers here: https://www.cmsnl.com/suzuki-an250_model13097/ Then enter them in here: https://japan.webike.net/oem_parts/top/ Often not terribly priced. Sometimes stuff will come up with a price straight away, sometimes it takes 12-24 hours for them to figure out if they have access to it or not. Quotes save for a few days too. Good luck with the Medium spice level.
  16. Link to album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=martin.horspool.5&set=a.10158605454183364
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