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  1. The Palmy swapmeet was huge when it was at the trotting track and pretty big before that at Awapuni racetrack. The current venue is about 1/2 what it used to be but I guess shit is getting thinned out by now too ? Still a great swapmeet. Rotorua was a decent size a couple of weeks back too.
  2. I thought you were Beaver but wasn't 100% sure tbh. Next time though, Palmy ?
  3. Wasn't bad, bit cold as usual. Plenty of shit to ponder, sold some stuff, bought a couple of things and talked to people you only see at swapmeets. Did see @Geophy and ? My son was hoping to find some 13 x 7 hotwires to put on his newly acquired 1983 C20 van but no luck. On @UTERUS recommendation here we tried Paulys on the way up, pretty good burgers, the chili chips were a bit savage, but manned them back like a girl with eyes and noses running.
  4. Anyone going for a look on Sunday ?
  5. Kumeu was pretty shit last weekend so this can only be better.
  6. Hammerite and smoothrite work well, pretty tough finish and lasts outside for years.
  7. No where near the turnout of other years yesterday was there Trevor ? Still some good stuff but a big gap in the middle, was expecting a full shed really.
  8. Made a pipe chick to go with the bloke I done back in March. Dem nipples.
  9. I was quite taken by a pipe guy on the instagram pics & vids thread so built one for my wife. Working out a lady to go with him now.
  10. A geezer on old minibikes.com pointed out it won't work the way I have it as the drum will spin but not the hub. I need to put the clutch on the wheel side of the jackshaft.
  11. I'm fluffing round with a kart for the kids. I am putting a clone chonda on and there is limited room around the seat. Can I put a sprocket on the crankshaft and run the clutch off of the jack shaft ? Seems like it would still work like this to me, but I have had a few great ideas at times that had a flaw.
  12. In my experience with shocks, the finish is usually pretty thin and i have sanded off any paint. The remaining paint in the lettering comes off easy with a wire brush, A coat of primer and whatever colour on top will see them better than factory applied finish. Standard masking tape round the shaft will be fine.
  13. Oh stink, got our Griffiths order today and they don’t do the caps anymore. Back to the Swapmeets.
  14. Run over them with some 800 w&d with soapy water, then a cloth buff on a drill with autosol. My wards were scruffy as fuck, so roloced them to get rid of the stains then wet & dryed them before a good rogering with autosol, came out really shiny and after a year or so have only just started to dull off. You should have arksed me when you were in this arvo.
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