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    diesel spam

    Is it a discovery or defender? Manual or auto? Fit an egt and boost gauge and increase the fueling and boost and it will be a lot nicer to drive, the 300tdi is a great engine, good economy easy to work on and very reliable.
  2. 00quattro00

    diesel spam

    The injector pump can draw from the tank but you will find it down on power a bit, mine was. New lift pump is cheap as and easy to fit
  3. I am running the wiring like this on my ct185 but with no battery, indicators work at idle
  4. Is water circulating in the system correctly?
  5. 00quattro00

    diesel spam

    Popped a egt probe in the manifold for the l300 (4d56t) while it was off, I was going to leave it standard but 86hp is a tad punishing in an auto 4wd van. Have some 2.5" exhaust piping and bends left over so will make a new exhaust too as its super simple on the vans. Getting an intercooler on it is going to be a bit more tricky though but im thinking of mounting a water to air behind the drivers seat
  6. 00quattro00


    Does anyone have any experience with matte finishes? Matte 2k vs matte clear over base coat?
  7. AA in corunna bay in napier make it so easy
  8. Could be keen, reckon a re hydration stop at roosters will be needed
  9. 00quattro00


    What's the go to for painting suspension parts, diffs ect? Its only for a 4wd but I've got everything apart so thought I'd give a clean up and a blackening
  10. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/austin/auction-2397786480.htm?rsqid=cb13c07f96ca4e6086e8cbdc9280cb23-001
  11. I'm in Put it on the trailer/Ute/van/whatever I have going with my xr
  12. Apologies for stuff link but what will the likely outcome of this be? Seems pretty harsh on the owner of the Ute https://stuff.co.nz/business/118042553/better-off-dead-after-loose-bolt-causes-crash
  13. I cant remember if I have asked this already but can a fabricated upright similar to this be certified?
  14. Kjet is great on na engines, bit of a pain on turbo engines. I reckon Mercedes did the best set up with the fuel distributor mounted on the intake manifold and sucked the flap down, less prone to air leaks. The later systems had an electronic pressure regulator on the fuel distributor and ditched the wur all together
  15. At least you will know when you are getting low on gas. I use to get the same thing on my audis but when cornering hard to the left
  16. They are 3.7 nominal voltage per cell so would be 37v. I get mine from revolectrix. They happily ship them and are pretty good price, wouldn't even need the fancy high discharge rate ones
  17. Do you have to run the 18650 cells? I have 5s 5000mah lipos for my rc stuff, could run 4x of them to give 10s 10000mah
  18. What sort of capacity will the battery pack need to have?
  19. I just re registered a Falcon, inspection cost $400. I had already undersealed the bottom as it had spotty surface rust.
  20. Would be interesting to check the noise because on the rs audis with the sports exhausts they are pretty loud, can hear an rs3 from a few blocks away
  21. When converting a car to auto does it have to be able to go into park? It's shifted electronically and only uses a cable for park
  22. 00quattro00


    What difference does it make having equal length axles? I know nothing about diffs but while rebuilding the diff for my isuzu I noticed it had equal length axles so at least I only need to carry 1 for a spare
  23. Theres a few adapters out there for fitting the lt230 to various transmissions/gearboxes