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  1. Most of you know the rear door handles are missing thanks to some yank in the early 2000s. Check out the sweet hole filling. I will leave it as is for now incase I decide to find and fit some handles. The brown is the factory sound deadening stuff. Inside the door is pretty solid except for those two spots.
  2. Next scabs to pick we’re on the bottom corners of left rear door. Cut some holes and made some squares. I got a bit keen and things git a bit hot and warped, but managed to tap it flat again. Remember I’m new to this. When grinding down the rear patch I found another thin spot and needed to put a bit more in.
  3. Guard has a second skin, that is stood off from outer. It was a little scabby. Gave is a wire brush, rust converter and paint.
  4. This is the first time I have done panel work. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Tell me I’m doing it wrong here:
  5. Oh, remember that time I bought a welder 2.5 years ago? Thanks to Covid lockdown I found some time to set it up and found some balls to start cutting.
  6. I’m bringing this up again. The small hoses that used to come out of the water bridges may be there for a reason.
  7. You have answered your own question there. As long as it can’t hook anything or hurt someone you are fine.
  8. +1 for liking the stripes. Gives it some character and looks less like a fridge.
  9. ...aaaaand I’m out. Maybe the world will be less crazy next month.
  10. AllTorque

    HZ Ute tags

    https://www.kingswoodcountry.com.au for parts oldholden.com for info
  11. Shit yeah. @Mourning Cupcake maybe a pub meal to celebrate Geoffs visit?
  12. Modification of the seat pad does not require cert https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/general/vehicle-interior/seats-and-seat-anchorages see the bottom of “tables and images”
  13. Yes illegal. Lights must remain steadily illuminated. (except for indicators)
  14. If you have new seals, put them in. Put rubber grease on the inner lip.
  15. The old pics in your build thread don’t work. Can you put up a pic of the whole car so we know what all the people are talking about in your hidden camera vids?
  16. How are you bleeding air out of the cooling system when you fill it? Did you disconnect a heater hose and remove the bleeder bolt above the thermostat housing? I wonder if blanking the small hoses that go from one water bridge to the other are causing pockets of air to be trapped in the rear, as that’s something you have changed with the supercharger.
  17. My 2c. Could it not just be that the newly rebuilt engine is running a bit hot as it breaks in. Have you managed to do a proper break in drive at different rpms and loads? Is the tune good enough for you to do so? Can you leave the fans on and go for a hoon? How hot is the coolant actually getting?
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