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  1. As long as the output shaft isn’t spinning it will be fine. Fluid level may not be that high anyway. What about trans cooler lines? Are you going to loop it? Does the starter bolt to the trans?
  2. https://www.qualitytools.co.nz/transmission-fluid-retaining-tool-p-6557.html https://www.waihyd.co.nz/toledo-automatic-transmission-fluid-retaining-tool-1363669 https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/toledo-toledo-transmission-fluid-retaining-tool/SPO1352687.html
  3. Rubber glove and electrical tape works too. I have seen those trans plugs in nz before, just can’t remember where.
  4. That turbo Vitz I mentioned appeared at work today. “Golden Eagle” intake manifold.
  5. Well in my defence, the documents it came with were in Japanese.
  6. When I was at Toyota we fit a TRD LSD to a turbo Vitz. Same part as an Altezza.
  7. Timing chains do stretch on these, especially if not serviced well. They aren’t hard to do in place. Just watch out for the timing marks on the cam pulleys as there are a few. Keep up the good dorts.
  8. How do you get a torque converter from one trans to fit another?
  9. Usually they need the two brass contacts replaced in the solenoid. Easy to do. Replace the plunger as well if you are not a tight arse.
  10. Any airbag related wiring should have a yellow plug. If that black plug is the only wiring going into the seat, unplug it and see if the airbag light comes on. If not, rip that shit out, no problem.
  11. Are there any yellow plugs that plug into the seat?
  12. Cheers team. Best place to get some around Welly @Nominal?
  13. OK. I will look into 2 pack epoxy, but I don’t have a compressor. Brushing on sounds like a ball ache.
  14. Cool. There is so many differing opinions on the internet, but keen to have some protection.
  15. Can I rattle can etch primer before bog or does bog need to go on bare metal? This ain’t no show car and is not getting a pro paint job, yet. @Spencer @Nominal
  16. AllTorque

    Power files

    $99 is a great price.
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