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  1. Well the compliance centre said monday but thats probably just to get ball rolling
  2. Yeah for sure. Was a surprise tho. Still nothings certain till repair cert man has a look
  3. Quite a long list from compliance Mostly around rust but also possibly some chassis rail work - they have some dents on underside. The guy who runs the yard (not compliance officer) put the shits up me talking about chassis alignment but he wasnt sure if required. Wont know until the repair certifier says exactly whats needed which will start monday Not unexpected just had fingers crossed for plain sailing. Just got to get on with it and spend more coin
  4. toshiro's z is so lush
  5. woops missed some of the chat while I was away this was my inspiration i've ordered one of these bob tail spoilers though, the guy with this Z makes and sells them in japan also ordering one of these kaminari front splitters out of the states Need to source some factory side skirts like the one above, mine just has little mud caps, factory ones are pretty tidy so hoping to get them Got some headlight covers on the way too dropped it off for compliance, waiting for phone call (but expecting some work needed)
  6. 323 whale tail burnt orange With primer patches
  7. U cn die in peace m8
  8. most overhyped purchase in 2016 lol
  9. Are you suggesting I make a project thread for Caldina?
  10. Pretty sure there's some EE80s in projects m9
  11. lol'd at other projects
  12. I can confirm the sump is still there
  13. sheeper, its 5x114
  14. Can i get a sparkplug brad, fo my twennydebt
  15. Yeah man it was actually super easy to bring in eh. Get a bit peaky when the comms lines go quiet for a bit haha Yeah will be in touch for yarns/advice/80s drives