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Motorcycle efi questions

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Efi is a bit foreign to me.  

I've been going through my NBC spares, and theres an efi fuel pump. (In tank variety) the pressure hose from it appears to go directly to the injector, with no return line?  I know that car efi systems have a return line, as at the pressure car EFI runs at, deadheading the pump would be the kiss of death for it.

But not on this bike it would seem?



The reason I ask is,

If it can stand being dead headed, it would be perfect to supply fuel to the fuel solenoid for a single fogger. 

A 10 pound blue bottle on the rear rack wouldnt exactly make it a sleeper.  But then it's only a jet(s) change to up the horsepower.

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As the fuel requirements for a 90-125cc engine N2O set up, one of those wee pumps would be ideal. (I have two now too)  it would be quite easy to use the reserve port in the tank to supply the pump too. 

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