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Jesse's 1988 Toyota Liteace KM36


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2 hours ago, dspec_tt131 said:

Speedo out by 10% so need to see if I can get a cog with extra teeth for the speedo drive or increase rear tyre size by 10% (5% to get within the threshold)

how are they checking this? with the odometer or just where the pointer is pointing?

perhaps repositioning the needle 5kmh out at zero will be within 5% at 100kmh say (odo will still be out) and say 50kmh will be out by less i think(was suggested to Me once with gearbox conversion in a falcon)

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Pretty upsetting to find in my driveway this afternoon. 

Must have happened last night as it was normal when i used it yesterday 


Bloody lucky they didn't get in as I had more stuff than usual in there. Given me a bit of a wakeup call to keep shit hidden ( I'm usually a lot more careful) 

I'm guessing something spooked them as there was about 15k worth of building equipment sitting there. 

They didn't even damage the lock enough for it not to work :blackeye:

Tools have been put away like they should have and looks like the van is narrow enough to tuck inside the gates with some creativity. 

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Needed to do some prep for manfield.

Somehow I've misplaced the original overflow tank so I sized up the one from my mark II. I have a few cressida ones which are a bit different but couldn't locate the matching bracket. 

The mark II one fitted using existing captive nut on the top and adding a longer bolt to the mud flap and a nut on the other side. This also moves it to a location I'm more likely to regularly check as it was next to the battery which is a pain in the ass to get to. 20220522_110313.thumb.jpg.9b687a1c87370d42d25f1c78cb4b092f.jpg

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Packed all my stuff to run a stall at manfield and set off from Auckland 8am Friday. Picked a friend up from Hamilton and had some breaky for and hour or so before hitting the road again. 

Just north of Tokoroa we hit some particular poor roading. 

Needed to grab some more petrol (only 35L tank) so stopped in Tokoroa.

Thought I'd better inspect damage and it wasn't good.


had stoved the sump in a pretty large amount and it was loosing a lot of oil.

My friend was actually picking up a car from same event and following with an empty car trailer so we made the call to put in on there for the rest of the trip down.

Put some feelers out and we had a sump ready for us once we got to fielding about half an hour out of fielding. 

Got down there around 6.30 and Glen from syndicate fabrication who had the sump let us use his workshop and even helped swap the sump which he had. Gc

I'd decided I would wind the front torsions up for the trip home after the track day the following day...

However leaving Glens there was a real gnarly road and I managed to split the new sump within the drive back to fielding. 

Was pretty upset and parked it on the grass and went straight to bed once getting to the hotel at around 10pm.

Checking in the morning there was almost no oil on the grass. 

Went to manfield and parked up and there was only minor dripping. Did the couple of laps for orientation and once warmed up she was pissing out again. 

I pulled it apart again and cleaned everything up ready for @oftensideways to drop me off another sump just after lunch! 

Chucked that on and the old 24 hour old oil went back in. 

Wound the torsions up to nearly full tension which raised it a good 40mm and went out for the last couple sessions on track. 

Have a couple videos of wide open throttle doing 100kmh down the straight lol. 


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Dropped the ts-x22 off at axent audio in New lynn to be repaired. Not sure when I'll see them again. 

The speedometer driven gear showed up today which was actually 23/5 not 21/5 as previously posted.20220609_152835.thumb.jpg.0a28699dbd9c949bc30a0cb611785661.jpg

photo angle shows them as different size but they arent. 

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However the shaft length on the 23/5 is 25mm longer. 20220609_152853.thumb.jpg.f3fe9407a1f2aa166210a94cb89551db.jpg

I was about to go wild on the grinder trimming in and cutting new slot for cable to fit into when I vaguely remembered you can somehow change the head. Used a hammer and punch in vice on the 19/5 gear and it popped out revealing a knurled end on shaft to hold gear. 

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