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Jesse's 1988 Toyota Liteace KM36


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Had a bit of a yarn to them about my radiator situation while I was there. 20220106_105832.thumb.jpg.136c62ac565453232228cb115396a220.jpg

This is the current setup which has the bottom outlet on the incorrect side for the 4ag. They claim the increase from 1500cc to 1600cc would put this radiator out of use anyhow. I'm looking for a cost effective solution that will fit in the same space, use the factory mounting points and as a bonus have electric fan with shroud attached. 

Width to outside of tanks is 625mm and height 370mm 32mm inlet and outlet sizes 

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Used these wiring diagrams I found online for fuel pump control with carters oil pressure safety switch and for the thermoswitched fan with a manual override.



Have also put a manual override allocation on the fuel pump incase there are any issues. Used a couple of powertech 30A pre-made relay circuits with switches and swapped pins around to suit my needs  

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Undertaking the speedo swap into the tachometer dash was a bit of a piss around. Needed to swap the higher km face onto my 169km speedo unit because they are different shape for housing and different needles as well as the ym30 having the left side indicator light there. There were spacers pushing the face out on the km36 dash where the ym30 one had a clear plastic panel to distribute light? Along with this I had to swap the mechanism to reset the trip meter as this is slightly offset between both units. I had to discard the 100km/h chime as the km36 unit didn't have the mechanism built onto speedo. 


You can see the black plastic spacers either side of the needle. I tried to put the higher km unit back together to go into the km36 housing but I would need to Dremel some of the housing out for the chime mechanism/cbf.


Put Back together.

Sadly the clear plastic is pretty badly scratched on this one, I would need to heat up the glue to separate the fascia from the plastic which is not a priority at the moment. The km36 housing can sit on the shelf for a rainy day to undertake this. 

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Not too sure on which dash to use. I think the square one suits the build better but some clown (me) got overspray on it when I was tidying up corrosion around windscreen. There's also the colour difference. The dash is actually the same it's just the speedo surround that differ which is interchangeable and the padded insert on passenger side top. 20220212_143437.thumb.jpg.0e6c406eef029e77e4e6586884bc11ab.jpg

Not shown in the photo is the centre dash mounted digital clock which came in the ym30 which I am actually fizzing for. I distinctly remember daily driving this as a builder trying to wrestle my oversized cellphone out of my short shorts or shouting at the apprentice to see what the time was. 

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