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Jesse's 1988 Toyota Liteace KM36


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First on the job list was to make it be able to sit on 100 km/h without boiling over so I located a 3.9 ratio E series replacement. From research only the high spec diesel and diesel turbo and the ym30/40g come with a tachometer in the dash (ive yet to see one in nz) so I've had to use an online calculator on blocklayer.com to see what's going on. At 100km/h with the 165/80/13 and 4.6 ratio it was doing 4100rpm...


Changing to 3.9 sees it reduced to 3470rpm.

I've also acquired a rebuilt g52 column shift 5 speed which will drop it down to 3050rpm


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I usually go through quite a few wheels before settling on something but these will be something I will keep and a bit of a long term project to eventually end up on the van. 13x6j 1983 Yokohama B.R.X (Boy Racer eXciting) BR-120210228_101515.thumb.jpg.1c3388ff5c6928273d586af47049dc8f.jpg

As you can see the condition is pretty poor with some really bad pitting on the centres. Pine engineering will be on refurb duties along with potentially widening the pair with dinged front lips. 

A bit torn as the 14s look the right size and are practical and don't need a huge sidewall for ground clearance so it's likely they will remain for daily duties with the refurbished 13s for collecting various building awards. 

That brings us pretty much up to date. My original plan was to collect all the bits and swap engine and gearbox at same time but I think after seeing how involved the gearbox swap and converting to hydraulic clutch will be I will undertake that first so the project isn't too overwhelming. The kr42 which use a 7k and g52 seem to pop up at pickapart quite often so will snag a bellhousing and clutch fork from that to get me hooked up for the mean time 

Can anyone on here comment on use of the nz made hyperpak setup to control spark for the 4age? They seem to be the preferred method than the 4k distributor adapter.


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Flywheel was cleaned up and resurfaced. Went with the bigger 4agze 230mm flywheel, just need to track down a clutch to work with the g52 box. 


Shopping list to get this done:

-Hyperpak spark module

-exhaust manifold of sorts (potentially coby)

-clutch kit, fork, slave, hardline 

-setup linkage for carbs

-flywheel bolts

-viscous or electric fan

-hope that engine mounts work 

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Have the gearbox removed. Already something isn't as its supposed to be and I'm not sure why.20210710_154858.thumb.jpg.a912afcc59e4dadb6e97907ad58dc182.jpg

for starters the gearbox crossmember I took from a liteace at pickapart lines up with support members on body but two holes are missing in body, (would need to drill and weld in some crush tubes) looking at the crossmember from box I pulled from mine it would work on g52 but why is my driveshaft so short...

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Have been researching suitable fuel pump for the webers and came across this link 



I don't know how much of this is true but it fooled me enough to order the Carter Fuel Pump mentioned from rock auto ($110 nzd delivered) Screenshot_20210710-204551_Chrome.thumb.jpg.429ce5cfde193f0d5bb4e6b5bbe45c12.jpg

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