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Local Car Transport in Canterbury

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Hi all,

So im looking at a donor car which is parked in a field in Hawarden and in order to transport it up here to Wellington i'd ideally need to get it out of the field and moved to CHCH.

Does anyone know if there is a good local towie or salvage company that would flatbed it that far? The guy should be able to pull it out of the field, but its a fair distance from CHCH. I dont know if it rolls, so might have to be dragged at worst case.

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So after discussion with the seller, he's decided to be a complete wank and play games, so im not going to waste my time. Its a shame, but not the end of the world.

Thanks to those that replied.

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33 minutes ago, CUL8R said:

If he changes his tune, we regularly use Ashleys Tow Taxi's. They drop the whole deck on the ground - perfect for what you need

Surely pump the tyres up and it'd get winched on no problems on a normal one?




The biggest issue is that sitting in grass so long i wouldnt be surprised if the brakes are seized. Should be able to drag it up the deck anyway. 

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