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SOHC,s Norton


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Seat is all mounted with new brackets at the front, spent most of the day on the front wheel, I had to grind down all the spoke niplels and give the spoke holes in the rim a little grind as that rim is drilled for another hub, i highly recommend using the correctly drilled rim unless you want to waste time. 

When lockdown finishes i amm off to the brittish bike parts library where i can exchange stuff for more parts


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Split the crank on the engine I am going to use because the big end felt rough, no wear at all but lots of moisture damage, in my experience they don't last long at all if you try to run them like this, so I had a back up crank pin I could use but under close inspection it has had some kind of failure like it was too soft or something. 

I give up.

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58 minutes ago, tortron said:

what did the nz army have them for, sidecar dispatch riders?

It was from a 2 wheel drive sidecar outfit that would carry alot of stuff and a brengun, nz army only had 3 of them, they have an odd frame for the rear axel witch would be impossible to find. 

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1 hour ago, GregT said:

Engine plates from 6mm MDF - then copied in 5mm steel or 6mm alloy plate.

My own sequence is cardboard - MDF - alloy.

Yes I have some alloy Domi engines plates i will copy the rear half and get the holes marked for the frame witch will make it even easier, engine bottom crankcase though bolts line up perfectly with the frame holes

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