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EA Sports Old School fatarse rally car

Lord Gruntfuttock

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yoinked the slug motor...

Slight lip on the bores so 30 thou over on the cards..

and the gubbins laid out...

Plan is solid bottom end and new cam/heads to get some more oomph. Factory heads very restrictive, shrouded inlets really restrict flow. Probably blast the body and give it a quality outside spray job. Owner is looking at pistons now, dithering over how far to go. I reckon just get it going and look at sorting out drivetrain etc. Diff ratio change on the cards too.

Funniest thing is he's a diehard holden/chev guy and is frothing over the options with a 302, watching so many youtube tuning vids... :grin:

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  • 8 months later...

Apparently it's something to stop them hitting the seals under rally stresses? Standard they are ok on roads but I think they put a stop/flange/something on axles to stop them hitting seals and coming loose. I'm too mechanically derp to understand, was relayed to me as recommended to owner by diff specialist. Can find out if you're really interested...

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