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Drummer888's 1985 Lancia Delta HF Turbo


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@Drummer888 Not sure if there's a comments thread for this already? 
Love this car, so cool!

I saw a few different videos of that event, looked like heaps of fun. 
Your car definitely looks out of its powerband on the tight stuff though haha. 

Which ECU do you have specifically? 
I reckon some speed based boost control would help tame the beast and make it a lot easier off the start line 

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@Roman - its running a Link Atom G4+ with a turbosmart electronic boost solenoid, believe it or not its actually got a 3D controlled boost map on it at the moment which is pretty trick. I think its probably just the input from the driver :lol: No idea on times @ taupo in clear traffic as i never really got a good run. All i know is that i was running mid-pack for times in the Trofeo group. I'm hoping to get back down before the end of the year for another run.

@Abarth - i bought it direct from Demon Tweaks. It was $1200 NZD inc freight for the Quaife, but then i got hammered by NZ Customs for another $550 on arrival. It looks like there is a few options for LSD's for the fiat gearbox's but the Quaife was best value for money. KAAZ i think do one, as do Wavetrac, and then Bacci Romani do a plate type, then there is Phil @ Bits Of Italy (BOI) in australia who can do a phantom grip style one with springs and plates which is significantly cheaper.

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Hello! I`ve seen your projekt on turbo124, but never knew you went with a croma turbo engine. Is the water pump from 1.6 engine bolt on to the 2 litre? I tried to swap to dedra 2.0 8v my hf but gave up the idea as i need integrale parts for the engine mounts and the block is the one with balancing shafts, i really forgot about the croma engine. Gave me some trouble even with my 131 2.0 turbo swaping. Can you please tell me the engine code of the croma 2.0 t, i guess n/a engines are the same? Thank you in advance!

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@Abarth - still haven't got there yet haha !

@denvertc yeah the 1.6 HF Turbo Injected waterpump bolts to the 2L block no prob. I think its 154C4 but don't quote me because i can't remember. I didn't use any integrale parts in mine at all for the conversion. The N/A engine isn't the same - the turbo has a bigger oil pump, oil squirters, low compression pistons etc. I did fit Integrale 8V forged pistons to the Croma block, but yep, no balance shafts :) i've heard of guys just removing the balance shafts from the 'grale block and making blanks for them - could you do that?

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