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  1. @Roman - its running a Link Atom G4+ with a turbosmart electronic boost solenoid, believe it or not its actually got a 3D controlled boost map on it at the moment which is pretty trick. I think its probably just the input from the driver No idea on times @ taupo in clear traffic as i never really got a good run. All i know is that i was running mid-pack for times in the Trofeo group. I'm hoping to get back down before the end of the year for another run. @Abarth - i bought it direct from Demon Tweaks. It was $1200 NZD inc freight for the Quaife, but then i got hammered by NZ Customs for another $550 on arrival. It looks like there is a few options for LSD's for the fiat gearbox's but the Quaife was best value for money. KAAZ i think do one, as do Wavetrac, and then Bacci Romani do a plate type, then there is Phil @ Bits Of Italy (BOI) in australia who can do a phantom grip style one with springs and plates which is significantly cheaper.
  2. Bit of a laugh, but it sounds nice under boost :) https://youtu.be/amiVKZKD-pQ
  3. Got her out on Sunday for a quick Autocross. Absolutely hopeless to be fair, cones very tight together meant having to drive it off boost as on boost it would pull away from the cones and sledge, and then when the course opened, it was 1st/2nd/3rd gear wheelspin and then hard on brakes to get around the next cone. A hell of a lot of fun though. Since the last post, the low volume cert was completed, authority card complete, motorsport license renewed, WOF & Reg updated, so fully road legal now. Also i now have sitting at home a Quaife limited slip diff, and Winmax race pads front and rear to go in.
  4. Race tracks closed, however, front camber plates now giving me -3 deg negative camber, a couple of cosmetic additions with rear diffuser and rear window vents, oh and now with log book and LVVTA cert, fresh wof and reg.
  5. I forgot to mention, that 240 hub HP comes with 410Nm of torque, so learning to drive the car lower in the RPM and on the torque curve is quite a different feeling. It pulls incredibly hard at 2500RPM and spins the wheels in a big way if you give it too much too soon. An LSD is on the shopping list.
  6. A quick in-car. Pulling to about 5000rpm on 3/4 throttle. Had some clutch adjustment issues hence a big tank slap mid-corner, and was playing around with the other cars, letting them go past so i could learn the track, just getting used to things (don't take the video too seriously). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4i_n5OIysY
  7. Haven't been on here in ages. Plenty has changed. Ended up building a forged engine, new turbo, link ECU, going to 15X8's with flares, 225 rubber, etc etc. Current tune is 240hp @ the hubs on 17psi boost, intending to do some cam timing adjustments and retune in the new year with a much higher redline and a bit more boost. A quick shakedown at Taupo first time out qualified mid pack with so many areas to. Improve, and was only running at about 70% race pace.
  8. Hey guys, My project is a 1985 Lancia Delta HF Turbo. Purchased about 3 years ago as a stock-standard 130 flywheel hp front wheel drive carb turbo HF, i proceeded over the first year to rollcage it, have the suspension built, and upgrade the brakes. I then spent a year hillclimbing/street sprint/circuit racing it - then decided to opt for more power. Its now about 80% complete with a Fiat Croma 2 litre 8 valve injected turbo, same engine effectively as the Integrale but without balance shafts (the Group A cars never ran balance shafts in the block). Turbo is T28 from GTIR, bigger cams from N/A engine, bigger throttle body and manifold, front mount intercooler, 440cc evo injectors, Group A chip, Delta GTie gearbox, ARP rodbolts with new bearings, gated sump, HKS blow off valve, carbon-kevlar custom clutch with shot-peened lighter flywheel. Im hoping for roughly 200 - 220 wheel hp @ 950 - 980kgs when i turn the key.