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Aisan carb - the pipe to nowhere

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Hey All,

I'm in need of some educating. On my inlet manifold there is what looks like the standard carby insulator block which has a short piece of rubber pipe attached to it. My first thought was that it is some kind of vacuum pipe, but when I look at the insulator more closely there doesn't seem to be any holes on the interior wall, so to me it looks like this pipe leads to nowhere.

Anyone got an idea what this pipe is for ?

Ta in advance.





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Thanks for all of the input fellas.

I hadn't thought of blowing through it so good call there. Gave it the quick lung treatment and the air comes out of a square slot at the opposite end of the spacer that I hadn't noticed before, so looks like the spacer has some air galleries built into it.

Snoozin, I reckon you are spot on, rocker cover breather it must be. 

Thanks again everyone. Mystery solved.

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