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the malossi meat stroker


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was having trouble getting full throttle using the recommended 145 jet, dialled down to to 135 still not going great..  went to 92 and have no issues, took it for a speed run and got 101.4 kms haha pumped! will get a 100 jet and go up from there... stoked so far 

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turns out that a loud rattling noise coming from your gearbox at 64mph isn't good.... too many dorts.

first proper ride after putting back together 90% it went brrr. will order a new variator fan and kick start cog.and crank as the teeth have stripped on the crank to multivar variator

fuck it's quick though.. installed a new front fork seal again after the Last exploded and put less oil in the shocks , still leaking and not sure the next move tbh.





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On 08/12/2020 at 06:54, Abarth said:

What’s the roller weights? Is that the belt catching on the starter motor cog? 

yo, unsure of roller weights off hand, the ones that came with the malossi kit that malossi recommended, nah belt doesn't touch anything it shouldn't 

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16 minutes ago, o0motorhead0o said:

Looks like the circlip holding the kick starter in place has gone walking. It happened on my Piaggio and ate the fan, thankfully I caught it in time and still run the half f#cked fan

haha nah I reused the single use nut that holds on the variator and it unwound, now have a bunch of then in stock.... 

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so yeah this happened, have installed malossi multivar technigas 180 exaust and have yet to jet it up running 6 9 gram rollers which is quick off the mark but have still no increase in top end (still 100kms) will put 3 9s and 3 12.5s to see how it goes and will jet it up a couple of sizes and put a filter on it 


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