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SHIZZLs Super Hunter


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Big thanks to @crustywhip for the bosskit, finally got to scale down the bus sized steering wheel... its pretty manky but will do for now.

im loving the stance it has at the moment, still need to put filters on the carbs and put a resister on the coil terminal for the tacho feed as the needle jumps erratically. 




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So today I finally finished the shock insert conversion using an E30 insert.

The only mod needed was to add a 6mm spacer in the base of the shock tube, and fit a 19x2.5mm tube to the shoulder of the spear.

I added a washer at the base of the top hat bearing shoulder, slid the 19x2.5 tube over the shoulder ( this is a bush for a tight fit for the top hat bearing).

Then the top hat, washer and top nut as usual.. ( I used a wheel nut for now to test to make sure it all worked, will replace with nylocs now).

The spring is a standard MK1 escort coils on narrow/cone perch hunter shocks.

My other set are wide/flat perch shocks, for those I will use a MK2 coil.

E30 318 insert is black, hunter is blue.

Test drive felt good, coils are fairly soft though, could always fit lowered MK1 coils and will be more than captive.

Next job is to find some M16 ford calipers and fit those as these calipers have always dragged, plus it will allow for a vented disc conversion later on with a caliper spacer kit.


I also used my newly acquired carb sync and balanced the carbs.

One piston is being a dick and not centering the needle perfectly, but the sync is good, throttle response is good, but is still rich on idle as they are not the correct needle I need.. I have 6J needles where I need 6R needles and blue springs.

Now that it's back together I can start cleaning up the spare motor, post matching the bike carb manifold plate, make the manifold, get the head tested and maybe new valve seats and guides etc.

Clean and inspect the block, hone and paint etc. Then send the cam away for a rearing before engine assembly.


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checked over the front calipers today, pistons wouldnt move back in very well, cracked the nipple open, both slid in piece of piss...

guessing the hoses may have collapsed inside or there is an issue at the master or bias block..


have also figured out a way to link the 2 choke controls together, so will sort that next weekend.


and after setting the float height and syncing the carbs yesterday she fired up oh so sweet today, bloody bonus for carbs without accelerator pumps

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not much of an update really..

been waiting on an airbox to arrive from nelson, has only been 4 weeks..

but I ordered some uni filter trumpet socks for when it finally arrives.

green socks just came in stock, more suitable than the red ones.



also need to do a few laps around the block with the brakes dragging before I take it in for a wof and hope it doesnt need anything else..


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Finally finished off the twin carb set up.

I made/modified the twin choke cable.

Picked up a gyro splitter from a bike shop, pulled it apart and e,tended the tube for more throw, replaced the cables and outers and attached it to the stock cable and carbs... I do have a second w clip now to hold the cables to the carbs if the tape fails..

Then the second airbox finally turned up so I pulled the factory trumpet/ram tube out and mounted it to the carb with shorter bolts, fitted the unfilter socks and boom.. complete.


I do want to order a different profile needle for the carbs. But that's all for now..


Just gonna send it


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So a few weeks ago I took the mighty beast for a spin and has developed a smoking habit.. A bit of blow by, its mot consistent in volume or how often it does it. 

I'm at a crossroads whether or not I rebuild the motor to +60, cammed, ported head and rejected carbs.. 

Still limited by the 4speed box to 110km before it screams. 


Or drop a 12a BP in it with s1 5speed for max skids. 

I have a complete 12a set up lined up, including a crossmember that will bolt in. 


It's a no brainer for me really. 

Might aswell do a diff swap too if I can find something decent in a similar width. 




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