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SHIZZLs Super Hunter


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Had a small delivery this morning.

A set of bike carbs turned up on my doorstep.


The inlet port size is the same as the hunter, and look how close they line up on the outer ports..this makes for a fairly nice manifold design..

Just need to grab an inlet/exhaust gasket to get some manifold plates cut up..

Will need to make headers at the same time to match the inlet flange thickness as they share studs.

Will also try and find a suitable fuel pump and remove the factory mechanical pump.




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Haven't done much since wof time apart from one cruise to up the rd with the whanau.

Plopped the carbs onto the original carb to see how it'll look..

Gonna look sweet..

I have the alloy plate to make the manifold flange with but got the wrong size tube.. 2mm to small of a dia..


Once I get the flange plate cut I'll rip all this stock stuff off to make it up..

Then look at doing the exhaust side, maybe a bunch of bananas 4-2-1 or just 4-1,   2 1/4" right through...


Air filter may end up being a pipercross style set up.

Still need a suitable pump to run the fuel at a low pressure and electronic dizzy set up for better reliability.



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I like deliveries... 

Got some El cheapo tyres for it.

195/55/13 for the rostyles.

All 4 $340 delivered

Just need to get a wire wheel to de-fuckface the rostyles, will either paint (spray can) or powdercoat them. Probably just in a dark grey...undecided, thoughts???


Image result for vitour formula 195/55r13

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Got the blanking plate made for the exhaust manifold, sorted the carb linkage, fuel lines sorted..

I stripped all 5 carbs, put the 2 matching damper springs in the matched bodies, checked float heights on both, and checked needle sizes... one is 1mm longer than the other, so will do my best to find a matching needle.. 

Poured fuel into the carbs and it fired up but has many air leaks as expected. Could keep it running by spraying brake clean at the carb spacers, oops

One of the carb spacers is haggered..Will need lots of rtv..

To finish this off I need new bolts for the blanking plate, and a longer centre manifold stud, nuts for the accelerator plate and hose clamps..

Then look at getting air filters.


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And just like that, it's alive.


This is firing up on a cold start, no choke. Definitely running rich. The back carb has a sticking needle/slide, it's alot slower to open.

Pretty stoked overall, might get it out for a road test, adjust and test again..repeat


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