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SHIZZLs Super Hunter


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Fuel pump wiring mostly complete, just need to do the power feed up the front. 

Lines completed.. Only need to find my inline filter to install. 

Also did a bulkhead massage, and tidied some wiring. 

Now it's ready for the engine and box to go back in for the final time. 



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Clutch line sorted..... But... 

The pedal is real hard to depress. 

The slave is like a 3/4" bore and the master is the factory hunter one, probably 1-1/8" so I'm guessing it's poorly matched and just being gay. 


Or just a super heavy pressure plate. 


However I now have a nice -3 AN line for it. 

It's getting pretty close to being done. 

I'll swap the suspension from the other car to this one, cos the rear shocks work, and the fronts are tight with proper lowering springs, I'll swap the whole leg along with the brake hoses because I'm sure the ones on this have collapsed. 


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Radiator and heater hoses completed. Even clamped off. 

Got a drive belt, but alas, too short.. 


Got my bits to complete the wiring.. 

6 way fuse block with bus bar. 

Will run my fan, ign and fuel pump from this via relays. 

Got a fuel filter to fit too. 



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Not much of an update tbh, 

Haven't done much on it since I got it running. 

I have decided to take the racetech out in favour of a pair of fishnet recaros. 

These are much better for comfort, these will be dropped off to be tidied up soon. 


But on another note, I have decided to change things around slightly. 


I'm going to take the 12a out of this one and replace it with the 4age.

The 12a will go into the other car as it needs a rebuild, so I'll do that at some stage between the 4link install and panel work on the red car. 


The 4age I have:


Ae86 big port bluetop motor that is fresh and has been unstarted since the rebuild. 

This will need to be lubed up before anything gets done on it. 

I have a carb manifold on its way to fit my twin 40s..

I already have the driveshaft for this as it came out of the parts car as an ex 4age swap. 

I only need a hyperpack spark thingy to complete the setup. 

Change some wiring around and find a clutch slave. Build a new exhaust. 

Job done. Cheap and easy runner. 


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Well I just can not believe it, but I have to, I’m looking right at it.


I pulled the engine out to send off for a rebuild. And found it has a brand new xtreme clutch kit and machined flywheel in it.


now I’m thinking of not even putting the lightened flywheel in it. Run the standard flywheel.

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Have started on the front brake upgrade.

first task was to fit a remote booster that would’ve come standard in these.

id say the original had failed and was deleted on.

so I salvaged one off a parts car I had. Got that fitted up.


then sent my spare hubs and new capri vented discs off to Chris at suspension tech to get machined up.

just need some wedge lock washers so I’m told.

got a calliper spacer kit for the type16 escort calipers.

these calipers are fugly, so have got a pair of rebuilt ones on the way.

then lastly will need to get new hoses made up or an adaptor.


Cert is booked in next month with Cletus, so should be plenty of time to get it back together.



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