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SHIZZLs Super Hunter


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Started making up my headers today... 

Picked up a flange plate from m&m racing.. A 2" mandrel multi and a 2 1/2" multi from tbl... 

Got a 18" resonator, dumpy and flexi on its way... 


This header is 1.5hr in the making... Most of that was just head scratching to clear the pitman arm on full lock. 


Stoked with it so far. 

Gotta pick up a 2 into 1 collector today to finish it off. 

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The seats are immaculate in this car.. Its a shame to sell them and put race seats in it.. But oh well, skids 

If anyone is after a full set of matching seats, front and rear, door cards, door tops and under dash pad, I'll flick them up on trademe. 

Reclining High back super seats. 



Pic for you @cletus


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Started running the fuel line up with P clips, fuel pump is mounted (only tek screwed at the moment) 

Floor bulkhead is drilled and grommeted ready for cabling. 

Have some nice plugs coming so that I can bin the butt connectors. 

Also got the s1 rx7 speedo cable to work with the hunter speedo unit.. Mega bonus. 


Also glued on the water pump and housing. Bottom rad hose is sorted, just need to sort the upper, plus the heater hoses. 


Plan from here is to now pull the motor and box. Clean and detail the motor, fill the box with oily stuff. 

Button up all of the engine bay wiring with decent connectors. 

Also fit the driveshaft hoop too. 


So close


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