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Port Waikato looks like a great ride. Keen when I gear my Yamaha up for highway cruising. 

Lol I’d forgotten about getting my truck stuck there. Since found out it only had 2wd then. 



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On 04/01/2018 at 12:07, flyingbrick said:

Greg's forks have two apparant problems - rust and a lack of symetry. I will repair the rust first and then align the lower bolt holes with a long pin to make sure it's an correct before/after straightening. 




And working on the first patch piece. Nice thick 1.2mm steel





Damn thats a nice patch

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So I don't really do much with that bad boy other than ride it. Do some wheel stands here and there.


But @mark105 has acquired a big bike and wants to do some trail rides and I've always wanted to do some trail rides again but I just don't have enough cash to have a dirt bike and a vespa.


So I got dirt tires for my vespa.....




These tires are a bit smaller than my road tires so hes a bit slower but also a bit more peppy. After doing some intense googling I found some bigger sized tirs online. Good old shinko to the rescue.




If i enjoy doing trail rides on the vespa I will try get a set of these. Bit taller gearing so I can still so 100kms on the dirt/grass but not quite aggressive as the smaller tire I'm currently running.




These bad boys full on motorcross tyre.


I'll report back on sunday night when I'm feeling sorry for myself.

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58 minutes ago, Shakotom said:

Shit yeah. Please get some photos of Vespa amongst mx bikes etc.

whats the trail ride your doin?

will do my best to get an action shot of the vespa against mx bikes.

this is the trail ride we heading on.


a video of the ride we plan on doing


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1 minute ago, flyingbrick said:

what do you think these tires will be like on the road? is it possible that i'll now be able to keep up round corners? :-D

i plan on running two sets of rims so with a quick change i will be able to swap out from off road mode to on road mode pretty fast with the likes of 12 nuts.

will have to do some digging to find some 2nd hand rims or hit up retro scooter for some new ones


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so it begun with @mark105 saying he was keen to maybe ride some dirt bikes a bit more after doing farm bike champs.

I have always missed doing trail rides in the country side with my dad and friends and i haven't owned a dirt bike since i was around 21, previous to that i had never not owned a dirt bike, there are photos of me at 2 weeks old with my dad on a dirt bike. But now that time has rolled around i had always kept eyes out for dirt bikes and the right time and also waited till closer mates had bikes as well. Even when i sold my safari i the deal was i would be able to buy a dirt bike again. but that never happened.

So i give you my 1964 vespa dirt edition 


it started with some knobbly tyres as you see above 

well then i wanted to change my seat due to it always been a bit shit and hey im an upholstererrrrrr


as you see the seat is rather out of shape


so with some cutting here and there we kinda had a platform i could weld to


trimmed the metal off the edge and we have a base to build up from


building up the foam


yeah i built it up a little to high sadly but hey i was able to cut it down and shape it up.


happy with the shape i wrapped it in a 3mm layer of foam 


then proceeded to make a cool cover for it


of course it had to be based of a modern style gripper motorx style seat cover cause i need more things for people to laugh at me when im doing a trail ride on this thing.

the trail ride we are going to this weekend requires a fire extinguisher so i drilled some holes and put some riv nuts in and bolted this bad boy up 



and that's me for now.

again ill report back on Sunday or Monday.

such a lol i have the chiropractor on Monday i have been seeing for a while, he will ask me oh hey man how was your weekend. then ill tell him what i did which he will have a heart attack over and yeah haha.

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