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So now that I had swindled my way into getting a scooter I thought what better than find one for Beth to ride. So I was on the hunt for a bigger and better scooter for something for @Mrs 64valiant to learn to ride on and maybe something I could ride on weekends also. But mainly so Beth could come riding with me on our lame ass adventures. (gives me an excuse to buy a scooter)


so while talking to another guy about what he just brought I mentioned I liked a fr50 on trade me. He said oh I have one of them. Pretty average condition but all there. Well a deal was struck and he brought it into town. It sat in the work shop for a day and when Beth was in the next day I sprung it on her that I had brought her a Xmas present.... Which she said you better have not brought a bloody boxer puppy. (always tagging her and threatening that I'm going to just buy one) she was happy it wasn't a dog. But also wasn't happy it was a scooter.......


This is it. Well this is what it did look like and what it looked like when I got it. 






The plan is to get it going and Beth can shoot into work from my shop to her office on the days she works in Hamilton. Also a bigger and easier bike for her to learn to ride on. 


It some what looks like this is my work shop atm. 










@flyingbrick has taken the front forks away to weld up some rust and make a base plate for some new handle bars.


Few things will need to be purchased to make it great again. But we will get there. 

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@Shakotom might be best to get greg to order you the same risers and stuff so that the plate fits them nicely. 

Greg has mentioned putting on a bottle opener.. great idea! Ill add that tomorrow 

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Greg's forks have two apparant problems - rust and a lack of symetry. I will repair the rust first and then align the lower bolt holes with a long pin to make sure it's an correct before/after straightening. 




And working on the first patch piece. Nice thick 1.2mm steel





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I spent a few hours out on this today. First I made that first piece fit. I cut out this26695160_10212424922472779_1389795968_o.thumb.jpg.bee4b4f415aa36518cc2235b5cf0c50d.jpg

So that I could fit this.


new steel wasn't quite large enough to replace all the shit (bit by my thumb on the seam) but will deal with that later.

I zapped that in and moved to the other side, 

I cut this out,


And then realized that now was a good time to straighten the bend at the bottom. I don't have many good pics but the outside face had been in a pretty good impact and was concave rather than flat and this impact had tweaked the whole end in.

(this should be parallel to the end and the seam straight)


So both sides (now not attached to one another) were straightened and everything was measured over and over using bits of wood and verniers (to check overall widths)



And that's as far as I've managed to get.

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So late Friday night @Raizer got this thing running with @flyingbrick while I was doing some sweet upholstery work for everyone. Started with a bit of engine start down the carb and it ran really well. And ended with me doing a skid and packing it up on the trailer.


We proceed to the waikato tiki tour on Saturday morning. 


Things went perfectly. Until Nathan ran out if gas. So we put more gas in it and kept going. 

The rear break isnt working that great now so I'll probably pull that apart in the coming weeks and fix it. But other than  that it done 240kms and didn't really break which is fucken great. 








Most definitely going to need ear plugs to ride it atm. 



Looking forward to riding it a bit more. May use it to get to work and back. Pretty fun bike.

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So yeah I also convinced Beth to let me buy the Honda gyro x. After seeing @Raizers gyro I needed one in my life.

It looked like this when I brought it. 





Was cool and had fun on it. Got my lean on two up. 




And attempted to do the east coast ride until this happened. 




So I left it with raizer cause he is the fucken man and he did this to it. 




70cc kit hell yeah. He had a few problems with his and wasn't confident with mine and was a bit worried but I had all the trust in the world with this scooter guru. He made it do wheel stands and skids and go hard for what it is. 

He also gifted some plastics to make mine look proper again. 




Man it looks complete now.  And on Saturday we done 240kms on it. 




About 5 mins after this I towed raizer on his scooter for a bit also. Does go great. 




Got some rad photos with raizer and his gyros. And today I got snapped going through my office on they way to get my pie. 




So good around town. Will be hooning daily. 


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