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link v5 wont fire


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Ok so ive got a 1uz running a link v5.

its been tuned and wired correctly. was running great.


started a supercharger upgrade, switched fuel injectors from 215cc to 570cc

sparky plugs in a hand controller and "dials the injector cycle down to 1% at idle.


Ive switched it back to standard with 215cc installed again.I have also switched injector plugs .it has 12v either side of the injectors (link normal?)  now It wont run.it fires with either sprey.

Ive got spark, I presume its the fuel , getting none or very little.


I have the pc link programme, and can see the injector pulse widths, but theirs nothing to suggest what he played with,

or what im missing? this ran just a week ago, fouled up plugs and limped in but still ran.


can anyone work with this info and suggest what to adjust to get the correct tune back?

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the fuel values are the unchanged values from the originals.

look up imgur.com/DMcZwcA

for some reason I can even paste text onto this page.


basically the 570cc were never tuned in, so the only change is the dial back when it was idling because it was over fueling

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There not low z injectors are they? As above revert back to how it was and trim entire tune via the master setting if you get it to crank and cough over a few times it needs more fuel if it does nothing take fuel out as you've probably flooded it. Whilst cranking it should be looking at a cranking enrichment table after is sees a rpm higher than cranking it'll pump in an after start enrichment for how ever long it's set to then it'll revert to the main fuel table so don't fart with that until all this happens in an orderly fashion or you'll just go around in circles

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What resistance were the larger injectors when you had them fitted? Are you running ballast resistors? If not and your large injectors are low impedance you may have done awesome things to the injector drives if you tried to run it.  System voltage of 6.5v wont be helping.  Whats your master fuel set to?

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