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  1. its the top tank that you cant get anymore, and they fit the shroud
  2. I need a new one , i have a factory turbo TT142 and TA63, i want to keep it original with the shroud and viscous fan. does any one have a 3teu rad or know of aftermarket options out of country?
  3. Ok so it is what it seams, im thinking about taking the 251cc 1uz injectors out of my soarer and fitting celsior 215cc instead. I figure if the ecu can "self learn" to handle 7psi then it can sort its shit out and save me some gas. This is just from reading online. Has anyone some input into the 1uz or even 2jzge ecu? And whether my plans will fail? Because thats the next thing doing the same to the 2j 330cc and going to like , the old 251cc 1uzs!boom just saved coin. Fuels going up folks and ive got 2 sweet little gttrs in the garage for going fast. *whisper* Economy....
  4. This cracks me, in a good way. I found this dude like 6 months before you brought it. He was after carina parts and i wanted a carina so we got talking . He wanted 5k for it and i had to stop him there, told him i paid less for a low km injected modle with mint ext. Met him at 4k and he was gonna drive it to auckland for me. D day came and the guy bailed. Said his kids wont let him. After they went back to uni and realised its still sitting there he called again but i had other plans. The deal was he didnt want it going to be "a drift car. I told him i had a mint interior for one and he almost pulled the pin thinking i was going to modify and ruin this collectors item. After failing to explain the sg modle is the bones of it ass modle i promised id keep it original, which i would have. Any way i said i didnt have 4k can you go lower, he said no ill trademe it, but then you wont know if the cars been looked after? Well thats the risk ill take. So i send him your build post via email just to piss him off haha. Good luck on the build, im keen on a catch up if any one wants to do a celica carina corona photo shoot
  5. 85, thats the last year of black plates right? so by using old cars with new plates would look a bit silly.
  6. uza63

    1ggte question

    So this 1ggte gen 3 uses 315cc injectors. If im stuck with airflow meter from a gen 2 with 300cc injectors, could I just place the smaller injectors in the rail? Basically newer ecu then, runs richy rich atm
  7. uza63

    wheel tech

    I mean the material isnt aluminium. Do these guys work magnesium alloy lips?
  8. I run those t1r and falkins on my 14x8 sharkys, call toyo directly in hamilton and pay via credit card to save going through a guy and clipping the ticket
  9. uza63

    wheel tech

    How would you get on widening my hayashis, they arnt alloy but are a welded 3 piece, can you make alloy outers or would it have to be steel?
  10. uza63

    wheel tech

    Anyone swapped 15" ssr centre's with the likes of another? Im away from my hayashis but they are a 20 bolt centre. Ssr speed mesh 20bolt. any one traded centres or researched bolt pattern?
  11. uza63

    1ge - 1geu WTFs

    Have you checked the compression of this new engine? I threw a 3t in the other month to find it had no compression because it sat for so long the rings dried up. also yea if you're returns blocked your injectors will be under a ruthless amount of pressure causing over fueling. And your injectors should only be 3ohm or 12 so if there slightly different they may be playing up, just run 12v over thrm and see if they click.
  12. This is noice. What did you do with the wheels that were on it?
  13. uza63

    1ge - 1geu WTFs

    Check the timing. Swap your injectors over perhaps. Fuel and timing, have seen fuel pressure issues occur with a poor pump/shitted factory regulator on fuel rail. I take it the wire colors are the same on distributor when you switched plugs?
  14. Ill most likely ebay them, still in the states but would George stocks get them?
  15. KYB Performance AGX Sport Adjustable Shock 741067 for Ford Focus Rear 2000-2007 Rears sorted
  16. Looking over the net for the kyb agx part number for the shocks supplied in a t3 kit. The fronts are just a mr2 rear insert but the pn fotr the rears.. has anyone ordered or know the rear irs adjustable number?
  17. Nissan 4pots bolt up to x60 fronts with a spacer, still 4 stud tho.. extend 1 stud and adapter?
  18. Putting the corona together , fitted the rear trim that runs along rear windscreen to find 2 clips broke. The clips are part of the metal piece. Anyone repaired this or do i replace (unlikly)
  19. So went to bridge the two pins to find the t1 or t## is missing, the engine is a 5le so not exactly efi but its got a diagnosis port with maybe 5/6 pins out of 14? Its the same port as all 90s toyotas. Have issue with abs light coming on
  20. mmm parking next to that carina next time, had a good time at my first meet. celica be back
  21. aw i was hoping my celica would have a friend, perhaps matt can get the xx from under those wet covers and roll in
  22. so its close, purchased the paint the other day, so reds more expensive for some stupid reason, $655 for 3L. looking nice tho. I don't know what it is but im loving this sick affiliation to these T chassisesssssss. 3Teeee!
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