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  1. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    ha oh well see how it goes I guess can't really make them any smaller.
  2. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Check your data sheet for minimum gaps Widths etc. The gap and tooth dont have to be the same. The tooth can be say 3mm wide and the gap 10mm to get the dimensions you need.
  3. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Just make it from mild steel and paint it. You can do stainless but it needs to be a certain type And ive forgotten what grade.
  4. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Id go 24 teeth for better resolution. Remember thats at cam speed so its really only 6 teeth. we make them 24 tooth and have 2 missing teeth 180deg apart when I do an rb and replace the factory trigger wheel. set it up as crank speed 12-1
  5. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    both will work fine. Yeah people say that but there's factory ecu's mainly euros bmw etc that have the igniters built into the ecu's no problems as long as there's good grounding. best thing about the bip373 is over current protection is built into them so if you over dwell your coils they'll shut down untill the cool down first.
  6. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Ditch that ignitor and just add another bip373 to spark b. Or you can use it and ditch the bip373 you already have and use that ignitor bear in mind its probably 20 years old.
  7. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    You'll need 2 bip373's one to drive each set of coils. spark a and spark b Not sure if you have room but i recently did this for an evo motor that had been rwd'd and couldn't use the dizzy trigger any more. Basically machined the rear of the bottom pulley into 24 teeth and mounted the hall effect sensor in behind it. There is also another hall effect sensor on the cam looking at a single cap screw for the sync pulse as its sequential.
  8. Fliboi's Z31 300ZX

    Make templates from cardboard to a. gauge size and b get it the right shape
  9. BlownCoronas 1971 Toyota Corona

    Theres another fella there too from os did some work on his megasquirt. Told me they cant cook in the kitchen due to fire hazard haha still makes me laugh.