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Chris's 1968 Yamaha F5


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Here is my new and most fun project!

1968 Yamaha F5 two stroke 4 speed!

Brought it off a friend in Lytellton where it sat on a hill exposed to the coastal elements.

Everything was siezed on the bike. Cables,flywheel,points,carb slide, oil pump,throttle. So after a week and 2 cans of crc it was freed up.

New fuel and plug and it was running.

Removed swingarm and took to work one night then next day i fitted it up with 200mm extension

Then modified the rear guard and made some new stays and a new plate mount

Then a couple weeks later after a hilly 100k ride i decided some more power was in need so with thanks to Gal i got measurements of his expansion pipe and then whipped one up at work and now it sits on 50-55 mph! not bad for a 46 year old 50cc!

Lewis the champion upholstry man gave the seat a tickle up and re foamed and made a new cafe styled seat for it! So comfy and lush looking

Not much else to do to this bike really. just ride it!hard!



This is how it was when brought home for the first time



Mod swing arm with stock pipe and seat






Modified rear guard, New cafe seat, New Expansion pipe



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This bike is one of my favourites. I can just jump on it and ride whenever and it just goes

Havent done too much to it and dont plan to change much more. Just ride it!

This is one the port hills with Jonnys Speed Shop wild A50


And heres me at QCR Dirtmasters sliding around


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Shit its been awhile since ivbe updated this. Missing a few photos of the adventures this bike has been on.

This year from memory Ive ridden to the west coast 250k in one hit on the 50 motor and it loved it. Heaps of local rides too. prob close to 5000k in the last few years on it. For this years Dirtmasters I fitted Suzuki B120 forks and Rear shocks and Dirt tires and it carved up the track and handled the jump all good. Then in October Hogan hooked me up a deal on a YB100 so a new piston and rings and gasket set and this thing was strumming so the following weekend I stole the motor and it bolted into my F5 frame and everything swapped over easy and have done a couple hill rides on it and its so much fun. way more power way more fun










I fucking love this bike so much. so much fun for 10 bucks gas and so many trouble free miles.

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