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Found 14 results

  1. Well i decided i wasnt gunna be cool enough with the Dio nifty, and my CT110 compared to the rest on the penny pinches clan on C50s, so when a pretty rough one came up for $100 i jumped on it. As i picked it up - mostly complete except once side cover (new ones on their way) and a buggered legsheild (will get a new one). Shes an early 1969 model, still has MPH on the speedo. I have already written a letter to transport new zealand requesting to keep the black plate when i re register it. Plans at this stage are - keep the glorious patina, maybe a nice hard cut and rub
  2. Usual story, browsing TradeMe on a Friday night while having a few beers. Que some peer pressure from mates. Sunday morning I trekked down to Te Aroha and loaded this thing into the Sentra Sportwagon. It promptly leaked all the oil/water mixture out. Then headed another hour down the road to visit @MopedNZ in Tauranga and have a 4 stroke wank fest with his new Honda Chaly. So, the bike is a 1973 ish model. Listed as a CT110, but turns out it's a CT90. Sold new by Paeroa Honda and been used on a farm since then. Has some goodies like the Hi/Low gearbox and the rare auxiliary
  3. So since I’ve had my cx500 for several years and yet to finish it I did the most logical/os thing and bought a 1980’s? 125xl with og black plates of Facebook last year and promptly got it running plan waaas to fix rusted wheel and re-reg, but got carried away chopping off the gritty seat and back end masked up so I can make a fibreglass seat base, then a mate asked if I’d like a cub of course I would
  4. **This thread started as just my Chaly. It's now gonna be all my Hondas. Which at present is 2. So only 2 Hondas. Which isn't very many. Bit I'm dehoarding in my old age and enjoying it. So, life is funny. When I lived in Thailand, my neighbour was an old widowed lass who drove a '93 Toyota Corolla she owned from new. But hidden underneath her balcony was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. I knew about them but hadn't seen one in the flesh. My Thai skills were average to poor at that point, but when I told her how much loved it she said, 'the tyres are flat, if you can make it go
  5. So, thanks to @Raizer @Shakotom @chris r @GuyWithAviators I was able to pick up my new daily from Gisborne. Drove it back in the rain with a blown master cylinder and no read trailing arm bush, which took 12 hours, then proceeded to get a WOF and apply some low. Photos of collection, when collected and now upcoming. Mid drive back; Got the beast back home and gave it all a clean; Then I wanted to apply some lows, test fitted these wheels I had; Picked up a set of cheap D2s and all the collars and body adjustment was seized, couple day
  6. Right, well. Story goes I was driving back from up north, checked trademe, saw this Yellow gem and picked it up on my way back home. Gave @GuyWithAviators a call and him and @Shakotom showed up and collected me sitting on it on the side of the road. The lad was like 75 and bought it new, so I have OG purchase docs from CHCH in 1974. It had a bit of a tumble at some point so the front forks are bent, one indicator is smash and the headlight housing is broke. After about 10 mins of Tom touching things in the driveway (and the scooter) it came to life and it dorts around pretty
  7. Brought home 2 trailer loads of death/Honda/toys today, with the reputation that at least one of them has, I may have found exactly how I am going to die haha 1st off the one that's supposedly too dangerous to ride 1985(?) Honda ATC125m trike, looks mostly complete, told it was running a while ago, but the gearbox mucks around and it's got no brakes, will try and get it going tomorrow. That frame thing in the corner of the trailer is a home built/modded go kart He's dropping the axle and bearing blocks etc off next week. 2nd trailer is where it gets a
  8. Had this old Honda for over a year now, bought it from Avengertiger here on OS and had plans to rebuild the motor (from worn out piston rings) in this old girl as my first automotive project: The project started off brilliantly, within a couple weeks I'd given it a hell of a clean and polish, rebuilt most of the rear breaks and had her running around as my weekend cruiser Though as all my plans go, I procrastinated waiting on things to fall into place as the rings got more and more worn, it wasn't until she was vaping up clouds that I was sure the dodgiest of WOF inspec
  9. Ahoy hoy. I'm a back-story kinda guy, so just scroll down if you want the goods So when I was 16, I asked my old man if I could get a car. He said yes and asked how much I had saved up... Well, s**t. About 6 months passed and I had been doing 3 hour shifts after school when possible making woodfired pizza bases on a foodtruck for the markets. I was almost at a grand when one day someone said I should get a hatchback as it'd be easier to park and probably more economical for getting to school etc. So one day after school, i jump on trademe, searched up hatchbacks pre 1990.. Obli
  10. Howdy ya'll, it's been quite a while since I had a project on here, so I'm bringing you my current cashhole from Perth, WA. It's a 1998 Honda VRX 400. A water cooled v-twin bike they made for a brief period in the mid to late 90's as some kind of pre custom bike fad factory cafe. They were mostly Japanese market only bikes, and while there are a few customs out there they're pretty much all japanese shop bikes and there's no info etc online as far as I can tell. The bike is rego'd as an 88 here as pre 89 bikes enjoy lax regulations around importation, doesn't bother me much at all as i
  11. Seeing as I'm doing some tidy up work on my bike I might as well share it with the OS crew and let you bask in its amazingness. To start off with I'd better run over the last 18 months. Chapter 1 - Purchasing October 2015. I'd just got my licence and was now looking for a bike. I was after something with some legs for touring, under 600cc for cheaper rego, classic for ease of maintenance, and under $1500. On trademe was listed "1986 Honda Rebel 450 - No wof, No reg, No worries!". The sort story is it was an insurance wright off which 2 owners previous had started to turn into
  12. I was yarning to my boss about whether he might know of an CB's >300cc for sale and long story short he had this and I have this now As you can see, it has a skull and the tank is ugly and so is just about everything about it. However, it's a Honda and they can be made to look quite neat. I'm hoping for an end result in this kind of area. Top two of those pictures courtesy of TheBikeShed.cc, some neat stuff on there to stare at. I had also planned to pic up my brother's MC18 NSR today but he wouldn't answer his phone so none of that then. One day I'll have this on the r
  13. Hi all, Posted some questions in regards to this in spam yesterday in which Kyteler helped me out. Posting here in a last attempt to see if anyone knows anything about these ignition systems. Long story short, first generation Civic, EN1 engine and electronic ignition out of an early 80's Civic I believe. Car was running fine until I blew the head gasket. Head gasket is all fixed, good compression, but I'm not getting any spark whatsoever. I've installed the distributor by having cylinder one at TDC at the end of it's compression stroke, distributor rotor is pointing just before cylin
  14. Thought I might pop a thread up about the GB400 I picked up recently as I slowly try to tidy up some of the dodgy bits. Day one at home: Plenty of dodgy bits to choose from. First problem was there was zero rear brake. The seat had a big hole in the rear section and was held on to the bike with a nylon strap. The bar-end mirrors have stupidly long bolts that very nearly hit the tank, the battery was rooted, air filter was black, rear tyre was square, foot peg rubber consisted mainly of blue electrical tape, front guard looked to have been finger painted by a 2 year old and generally
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