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  1. Wow. Thats the 'manual' trifecta. Gonna need metalwork, woodwork, and sewing before you can do any 'home ecc' in the back. I believe in you.
  2. Sporty! Probably better parts availability than all mine put together.
  3. Lol same. Couldn't type for shit. Game was Pong and i must have messed up a line and the bottom edge wasnt set as a boundary so the 'ball' got lost. Then we upgraded to one with a compact floppy disc drive for all the games. Fuck programming!
  4. When i dropped of the sedan, i dug this out of its hidey hole next to the wagon Change the jetting on the webers a bit, put in 50 idles (up from 45) which has mostly cured the off idle flat spot (have 55s to try, and cold starts) and 125 mains which did not fix the rich on WOT issues as much as i thought (down from 145, i also ordered 135s but i guess that was a waste. I may order a small set of mains (like 100 size) and some jet drills. damn carbs. Anyway, running well enough to be put to work Final dump/scrap run loaded up and ready to ship out Looks so smol on the road next to modern traffic Scrap dudes came over for a barry when were on the weigh bridge **////** and next to the 1969 original
  5. Been pretty busy getting my shit sorted and moving to dunedin. Settling in now, so a bit of a belated update on the ol 125. On the way to the WoF man, gave it some doort and it started running on 3. FUUUCK Turned out the old greasy filter sock got cookie cuttered. Ripped them all off and ran #nofilter Underside up on the hoist, i never see this view otherwise oil is mostly cavity wax, but there a pretty bad diff leak, again, not enough to fail tho, so woot! Thats all 3 road legal ready for convoy in a couple of months. Then pretty much straight into storage, not actally had these side by side before, Spot the differences, 1969 model italian mid sized executive family sedan vs 1989 model polish farmers truck storage for the next couple of months
  6. Ha. Fresh pic post* WoF at the Repco round the corner from my mechanic. Was absolutely pishing down, dudes in his ute sharning and reminiscing, and talking up the facebook, while im smiling and nodding in the rain, tapping the starter trying to get the fan belt to a spot where i could see the numbers to get a slightly shorter one. His FIAT twin camtip of the day - get a loose block and put a tight head on it. Also, do a skid Rokay
  7. Hole in the exhaust was an easy fix, but is somewhere i think i will be visting again eventually Stuck all the many many chrome trims back on And backed it into the sun then down the road and reversed up the drive - this side has been drying for a few weeks so it got a quick polish with the big slow grinder then bunged the trim back on this side too, now its all back together. Last pic of a car in this shed got to be parked on the lawn in waiting for me to bung it into storage for a while sheds now starting to fill with boxes and about 2 vanloads of stuff taken to and from storage and the op shops
  8. Probably junk, but likley better than worn out old one? Worth disassembling and cleaning before use and swapping some unworn parts over from the original weber? I would imagine they use weber copy jets. Try 'sherryberg' on aliexpress and cut out at least one middleman. I think @sheepers put an equivalent hitachi or whatever copy in one of his crowns?
  9. nice to see that shitty green frame that someone spent ages taking apart and respraying (but not masking) repurposed to intake tubing mock ups. lewl.
  10. Done a quicky on the painting, minimising the work to get it done, and by done, i mean water proof and ready to roll quick high build prime over the sanded back repaired areas then a blow over with the blue. i mixed a bit much paint and instead of waste it, I got a few sags instead Still, unmasking is just the best Front door bits swapsies. Its surprising how much lighter a car door is without all the trimmings! took bits off all three to make one 'good' one Again, this one fit straight in the hole a treat (after a shim here and a hinge shave there) and now opens and closes the best it ever has so ive decided i quite like the look of these doors and they can stay Tidied out the inside of various mostly empty boxes and various screws, trim and clips, that are now consolidated into one bin Put the grill and headlamp assemblies, nearly all the bulbs now mostly work after a wiggle or a tap. Still a bit of a list of things to do, - Exhaust has a leak, looks easily accessed - handbrake cable buzzes on exhaust - i messed something up when i assembled the rear door, the window snags on the door lock rod when its wound down - sand the runs, flies and dust out the of the paint once it hardens a bit more - polish - clean and install chrome trims I also put the interior of the doors in and gave the dash a wipe. . Looking forward to giving this thing a good blazz again soon! Its mobile and driveable now and only the exhaust really needs sorting for a WoF, and now its together it also means i can start sort a lot of stuff out of the shed and into storage etc
  11. I justoffloaded some to chris, but what do you need? I have a pile of random af34 bits that i will be dumping soon
  12. we will be driving the van down, possibly doing a north island victory tour and then a south island welcome home tour depending on how the timing works between packing up here and house finding down there. But definitely keen on a garage fridge/wanker beer/cup of tea tour of the South Island if we have the time.
  13. thanks duders, i have my storage unit which doesnt need to be emptied right away (ever?), and can probalby leave the Fiats up here in the big barn the wagon has been in, at least for a while too.
  14. Yeah, but the bliss is just rented and the landlord wants it back! Might take you up on the vehicle shuffles bro. Ill let you know.
  15. One of the things i was busy with was a job interview, and i only bloody got it, so gotta prepare for shifting everything 1400km south So gotta get this thing ready to be transported, or maybe enven driven. So to access the drivers side mans turning it around. It only fired up and drove down the driveway and a lap of my test track, and even did a wee skiddy on the way up the driveway I uncovered this in the rear door in 2017 when i derusted this side. What the hell. There were a few other blebs on the outside and bottom so ive swapped the handles and interior stuff over to another door Its from the 125 i wrecked from Levin, ive used a few panels from it now. Rad stickers and brush painted light blue over midnight blue, actual patina! Fits real good I will repaint the rear quarter, front a-pillar and a couple of other minor primer spots on the body but im not touching the rear door so to the front door i think its more effort fixing the rust (and all the bloody bog and sanding that goes with) in the front and rear lower corners, and elsewhere, and the hinge is a bit worn or bent. so ill swap the interior of this over to the light blue front door to match the rear. It isnt much better shape really, but might fit and close a bit nicer.
  16. left that alone for a while, i was in a huff and also busy with other stuff finally gave it a wet sand and filled all the shitty little fisheyes with icing, and put another pretty thinned coat of blue down and it turned out much better pulling off masking tape is the best. then lashings of dinitrol.
  17. spent the last month getting this together and ready to paint. I flippin hate sanding Made the door return real purdy and the front bit Got a new paint gun for the top coat to replace my old one that has started spitting. $18 delivered. Flash as. Tried it out on the shuts So i could put the door on for the first time in a long time So i could notice this, and spend a few more evening sorting that till this weekend BOOM Love the contrast Most of it turned out as good as ive ever done, or could expect for doing it in a dusty garage with the cheapest tools but, i had a new issue ive not had (well, nowhere near as bad) , i got a fair few fisheyes, but all in section that followed one of my passes. Maybe my compressor coughed up a lugie, or maybe the wax and grease hadn't dried right off? . Either way Ill have the repaint that bit for sure, bums. Suggestions to prevent reoccurance?
  18. Wondering if the resistor blowing could have been a symptom/result of over voltage, or voltage spiking? Alternator OK? As the resistor is only dropping the main power feed to the coil, it acted sort of like a fuse (too much heat then boom), but everything else in the cars electrical system may have been over-juiced too? as the are probably the most sensitive items electrically in the whole car the old solid state bits in the module could have been fried too, all the other things (lights, wipers etc) were probably able to handle this (at least for a while), or were not on at the time?
  19. Not personally, but on tme I have bought a few bits from him, A+ recommended trader etc.
  20. clearance from them tangs should be business card too, def not touching. Dizzy looks just like the Bosch one on my ute, so definitely check the wires and the terminal connections on the wee prongs from the dizzy side sensor, they get loose BTW. maybe a GM HEI module could be adapted to work?
  21. Agree with cletus, seem like an electrical fault to me. Are those ignition modules expensive or hard to find? That sort of thing tends to either work fine or not work at all IME. The signal from the dizzy to the module is pretty low level just the electromagnetic twitching from the forks passing though or between the sensor depending on hall or inductive type (pretty much like a record player - the module is pretty much an amplifier/switch that handles triggering the coil) so wiring issues on that side can have a big impact. Maybe at idle the lower system voltage is low enough to drop out the signal? id check all the both wiring to out of that thing and if that all checks out, maybe swap it out? if it makes no difference no matter, as its always worth having a spare module because then the original one definitely wont ever fail!
  22. Agreed, love all the engine work pics, fascinating and shows what a relative bargain engine machine shops are. Only complaint is that it really highlights how little i know about enginey bits! Carry on!
  23. Hello friend, Im sorry but i dont know. The car was originally dark red with a brown interior (you can see this colour on the doors where the blue paint is flaking off), but was resprayed light blue with white roof and sign written in the 70's, and i put the red interior in myself after finishing rust work and (re)repainting it to match the old respray (i love the writing on the doors). You can see the red where the door spear was in this photo of when i found it in a damp shed I think it was inspired by a factory colour scheme as i have a 1:43 scale model that matches (this model also has a red interior ) , but the paint colours on my 2300 are just paint shop specials - the blue was matched from the petrol flap, the roof and engine bay were chosen from their (PPG brand) 'standard' colour book.
  24. I suspect that multispark thing provides multi choice variation of between 0 and 1 sparks, and after sufficient number of 0 sparks the plug gets is too wet to fire. Bin that silly nonsense and put another coil lead on. also test the spark with the plugs out and engine cranking - should be a nice fat blue/white spark - a yellow spark is weak. I wouldnt worry too much about the specific type of sparkplug, its a fairly low compression engine, so if they fit in the hole they should fire if given the juice - i suspect the issue lies in them not getting sufficient voltage rather than the plug itself. It may be - that the coil isnt getting enough voltage to push enough out the hot end- check that against the voltage the modern coil thinks it should be getting (beware the difference in required voltage between ballast resistor coils and non-ballast) - hows the inside and outside of the distributor cap and rotor looking? - spark leads good including good connections in the cap and to the plug?
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