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  1. Actually found a factory S38 manual today. Not exact as mine is a S37 but better than nothing. Need some help figuring out the oil injection system and hopefully the S38 manual will help there. There were no lines running from the pump and what I think are the injection points are capped off. I pulled the pump off the get a closer look and some PO cut the drive end off. Looks like I need to find a oil pump. If anyone knows the hose routing or if I can use a different/more easily obtainable pump I’m all ears.
  2. Fuel system completed SS brake and clutch hoses Steering coupler Pedal assembly installed New connectors for turn signal switch and ignition switch. Signal switch was brittle and crumbling and ignition was non existent. Wheel and tire installed
  3. Got some battery cables made up, wired in a new ignition switch and popped in a new battery. Found out the starter is no good so sending it off to be refurbished. Also drained and dropped the tank. Was expecting it to be rusty but was actually pretty clean. There was some rust but nowhere near what I was expecting. Gonna flush it with some diluted acid and reinstall it. While I’m there, I’m going to replace the original hard plastic fuel line with some steel tubing from the tank to the carb.
  4. Just posted to other projects Trying to do my part. I’m just lucky (am I really?) I’ve been working on cars since I was 15 (now over 50) and have seen a lot of different vehicles that may have parts that will either interchange or can be easily modded to work with a little research. It’s kind of fun searching but nothing wrong with instant gratification LOL. I’ve been working on putting together a wiring diagram for this as I untangle all the hacked wiring (I understand parts aren’t available but when you use universal parts you can still wire them in a professional manner). Sure would be nice to be able to source one. I’m going to check that group out!
  5. Here are some of my current fleet. I will update with my other cars when I get new pics. 1972 Datsun B110 with Mazda BP swap Datsun 521 with KA24E & automatic swap 1973 Subaru GL coupe (recently sold and going back to Japan) Still to come -1972 Dodge Colt hardtop and wagon (Galant GB) -1974 Dodge Colt (Galant GC) -1966 Datsun 311 with turbo Efi U20 -1972 Toyota TE28 with Mitsubishi 6G72 swap Built, not bought.
  6. Brakes rebuilt and rims sandblasted, etched, and rattle canned. Been awhile since I’ve had to deal with tubes.
  7. As I dig into this I will try and keep this post updated with information on parts as I come across them. *Front wheel bearings: Inner NSK 320/22. Outer Timken A4059 *Front spindle castle nut: 12mm x 1.5 *Front/rear brake shoes: 170mm x 30mm. I couldn’t find anything available this small so sent them out to be relined. If they were 180mm there were some possibilities. *Wheel studs: 10mm x 1.25 x 30mm *Wheel bolts (bolting wheel halves): 8mm x 1.25 x 16mm *Tires: 145r10. Using Falken SN807 *Tubes: Got tubes for Subaru 360 with 90 degree stems. *Front wheel cylinders: 7/8”. Using MGB/GT cylinders with minor mods to the backing plate. These use a clip rather than nuts to mount. Raybestos WC37354. Still working on how I want to convert to the 3/8-24 thread on these. Decided to use 45* banjo adapters. Needed to shorten the bolts I got due to bottoming out before tight. *Rear wheel cylinders: 5/8”. Using early 70’s Subaru cylinders. Direct bolt on. EIS EW100920. *Brake master cylinder: 11/16”. Used rubber bits from Datsun B110 brake master kit. Have not verified it works yet. *Clutch master cylinder: 5/8”. Used rubber bits from Datsun 520 clutch master kit. Have not verified it works yet. *Clutch slave: 3/4”. Used rubber bit from Datsun 520 master kit. Have not verified it works yet. *Brake/clutch pedal pads: used pads for Datsun Z *Brake line threads: 10mm x 1.0 *Converting rubber hydraulic hoses to -3 braided SS Front 18” Rear 16” Clutch 9” *Steering coupler: used VW type 1. (Not direct fit)
  8. For discussion towards getting this beast of a machine on the road. I could especially use any information or links to information anyone knows of. I’m pretty resourceful in interchanging stuff but having at least original specifications helps a lot in most cases.
  9. Impulse buy off FB marketplace over here in the states. I believe this to be a 67’ or 68’ S37. While searching for info I came across h4nd’s Fellow thread so joined up to ask some questions and he suggested I do a thread. Well, here we go. Truck is pretty damn complete but of course has rust issues. It’s pretty much the floorboards and bed floor, rest is not bad. Good glass. Supposedly *ran went parked* but that was who knows how many years ago. Doesn’t steer (sheared rag joint) doesn’t roll (tires shot) and doesn’t stop (hydraulics froze). I’ve got the brakes torn down and am in the process of rebuilding the system and tires are on the way. She’s a hot mess!
  10. Thought you all would like to see my vision of *modernizing* a vintage 70’s Suzuki 2T triple. It’s a 76’ GT550 motor stuffed into a 83’ GS750ES chassis. I’ve always liked the bigger smokers but not so much the brakes and handling. While this is a far cry from a modern motorbike, it’s worlds better than the stock GT550 and I have always loved the looks of these OG ES models. This beast tends to break necks as there are just not any old triple strokers around these parts.
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