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  1. Came across this in the back of a hay barn about a year ago when i was looking at holden hz parts for Neal. Was smitten as shit with it as soon as i saw it. Didn't need another project but ended up getting this quite cheap Had to sell a few toys but not worried. Is 99% complete just a little run down in certain areas such as rust being that it's steel bottom alloy top. The jet units bearings were all stuffed as well so pulled unit off and threw some new bearings at it new seals. Currently have pulled motor out so I can flip hull and fix rust and fix all plumbing and wiring. I'm also going to build a heat exchanger at work out of an old diesel oil cooler since currently running raw through motor. Photos to come
  2. What ever happened next with this thing Spencer? Been 3 years since last update
  3. Rule of two strokes: does it have compression? Yes... It will run
  4. Have always thought OG spot was shit because we were away from the cars during A lot of the event. I don't show up these days anyway but change is good
  5. The neighbours house who you share a roof with is going to look so shit! Like an ugly conjoined twin
  6. Would like to swing down will decide on the day.
  7. I still have this. Been long time since last update. Engines always detonating pretty bad always did but I'm sure it's getting worse and it's over heating randomly all the time even tho new water pump and new electric fan. So plan is motor out, small block chev in, fix the rust , respray, cert, burnouts!
  8. Oh hi! This camper is fo sale!!!! Will put up thread in for sale section.
  9. AFWE have everything for chev trucks so I assume they would for the vans
  10. This my mates website for future reference http://www.fuelconversions.co.nz/Profile.htm
  11. I've got a LPG guy. Has Chevys himself so perfect guy for you
  12. Being a person who has ridden this bike numerous times and know how fast it can go i would not run that wheel. Not enough strength in the lack of spokes. Just my opinion
  13. Trucks been running like a champ for a long time now! Have been looking at other cars recently and am considering selling this on so if your interested send me a pm. 15k all day
  14. Rustisize and mirageman in one car together!!! Unsure which picture fits better.
  15. Ah right I think I understand. So Vega and monza are 4 by 4 inch pattern and I believe some corvairs as well. So your pretty screwed for wheels in nz unless you want Morris minor wheels I think??
  16. Sorry I walked into alot of spam can someone give me the jist and I'll comment accordingly
  17. Yeh man please do so. I have in my workshop paragon: phenol, dichloromethane. heavy degreaser,paint stripper for aluminium HTP tank: costic hot 70 degree heavy degreaser paint stripper for steel. Alcolox: sodium hydroxide tank for de rusting steel. Hydrochloric acid: for stubborn de rusting
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