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  1. Bling


    Seems legit if it doesn't reflect the sun into other drivers' eyes etc.
  2. 2012 Transit custom, a few niggles such as trip meter resetting each day. Radio stopped working last week so I did some digging. It runs dual batteries and I've found that one runs accessories and the other is starter battery. Both are joined while starting, so using both. Finally got around to removing drivers seat to get to them. One is on 8-9v, so that solves that question. However, for now I have just swapped them around. Radio working again as accessories now running off the good battery. Can anyone see an issue with just rolling like this for now? Will do my homework on battery replacement. But my theory is that it will run fine as it's only during starting the now did battery is used. I just want some sounds till I get new batteries. Lost radio a couple of weeks ago. It has a stupidly overbuilt starter, will having less start up power do any damage to said starter?
  3. Is it a camry? That was the first youtube video that came up with I looked up that gearbag. Funnily enough a transmission fluid check/change video. Looks like a job to have someone else do lol.
  4. Another good burger, more sharns and as usual people turning up in new old cars. OS life.
  5. Are we talking full on race spec, or could it potentially pass a WOF? Just driving to get a WOF, officer.
  6. Bling


    Great info, will check those products when on pc thanks. Was actually looking at the Teroson wax earlier as I have a local spray store that sells it.
  7. Bling


    Sweet sounds like a plan, epoxy and i'll look into cavity wax options. Cheers.
  8. Bling


    What do people paint into the backside of panels to protect from rust? On roof for example on underside where door frames meet roof. Bottoms of doors on inside etc Clean then epoxy primer going to be a good solution? I'm brushing everything, so anywhere I can't physically brush i'll likely zinc spray. But where I can brush, i'm thinking epoxy will offer better protection. But not sure if other products are better suited for that job.
  9. Bling


    If the underseal is solid as fuck, i'd probably 2 pot the lot, then underseal it all. Would want to be sure moisture can't get in from behind mind you. Don't want it rusting from the inside out.
  10. Bling

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    Shit, he found me, i'll know a bit closer to the time.
  11. Bling

    Brake imbalance

    Whip it out and see if serviceable? I didn't find mine too bad to do, circlips and swearing, sorted. Had a tiny build up of dirt, once cleaned, balanced perfectly.
  12. Bling

    Brake imbalance

    Proportioning valve jizzed up perhaps. Have had that twice before.
  13. Bling

    Rust repair - butt vs lap joints

    Oh yeah and something i've done on the "big chobs" is cut out a smaller section, and replace that, even if the edge is rusty. Then cut slightly into the new repair, and extend the hole to remove more of the rusty area. If that makes sense. Rinse and repeat. Means that on areas where getting the original shape back might be hard, it's easy. As you're only replacing small bits at a time, while the cars shape doesn't change as the previous repair holds it together. I've had to do this quite a bit, as doing it in one piece would be near impossible to recreate the original section as it was. tl;dr: don't always try replace a whole area in one hit, small bites works well.
  14. Bling

    Rust repair - butt vs lap joints

    All of the rust repairs i've done on current car are rusty lap joints. So I would lean towards butt joint as there is nowhere for water to get in. Butt join is more work, as fitment has to be pretty close. But i'd consider it a better method. Everyone is going to have different strokes though. Whatever you do, coat it all to stop moisture getting to it again. And as someone mentioned, if wanting long term fix, you'll need to cut more out till there isn't rust on the edge of the patch. Cut it out till you have good solid metal to work with.
  15. Bling

    Small size, High CCA battery

    I seem to recall @Truenotch mounting a small one under his race car seat, or something similar. Might not be him though... /Ling out