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  1. That sucks balls about not making it to swapmate but I just wanted to say that this sounds so nice and I think you have done a stellar job! You feeling better now kk? Are you guys chasing swapmate seats now or daily lyfe?
  2. skid outside 208 lold me. Good work on everything kk.
  3. You legend. slam and wide 15s now plz EDIT: how did you come across it? must be fairly rare in nz
  4. Why are you changing the front end? was yours fucked or is it a diff style?
  5. Epic, how much slam is going to be dialled in? love that cream sedan. Holden people will shit pants, will lol. Are you just going to rustify the current steels as I feel you may need slightly more width for that stz
  6. 14x9" tridents polished to hurt and some 175/50/14 tyres for other wheels plz I <3 these
  7. so stoked someone is doing one of these. super wide steels please. lots of slam please. some form of engine that makes the car hard to drive in traffic
  8. i lold at wheel weights glued to the dish
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