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  1. Oh yeah, that's a key slot. I thought it was a name or something. I don't have the key so will resort to brute force/grinder
  2. Any tips on how to remove this wheel nut lock? Outer shell just spins. No tool in the car that I can find.
  3. This split bush has been noted on the last couple of WOF checks, thought it was time I replaced it (while the Woodie is off the lift) Yep, pretty toasted, the ones on the other 4-link bars look OK. Might smear some rubber grease around the new ones. Luckily I kept the receipt for what they are from, dang Mitsi parts!
  4. Sure, want to make it easy and do 1841 or somewhere close to you?
  5. Vin yes, rego no. The two don't go together.
  6. It might not be so bad if it has a proper RV manufacturers FMVSS plate, and hasn't been further modified:
  7. @datlow Looks big enough to get you into the heavy vehicle category / nightmare
  8. Once they are sleeved they should last pretty much forever.
  9. One out of 5 ain't bad. You could have bought this and badged it up.
  10. Dynamight Zututututu Whooshter Crusher Deeztour
  11. Have had fancy pants Riley ones done by this place in ChCh a few years back.
  12. Felt guilty about walking past this in the shed and never touching it, so finished off inner guard mounting this week. Tune in in a couple of years for next update.
  13. Took a break from the front door and removed the rear tailgates over lockdown. I hadn't been able to open the lower tailgate as the full width piano hinge was rusted solid. Only movement was due to rust flexing Some of the screws came out, but many needed drilling as the heads were rusted away. The flap at the bottom is attached to the tailgate and covers the lower valence area. Some of it is missing. Removed the hinge and stripped the tailgate down. This is a picture of one in good shape.........