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  1. Based on a Morris Minor, so has to be pretty good. Pics could be flattering but doesn't look awfully rusty.
  2. Just saw @Steelies and @Big Value Buddy heading south as I was driving home from work. Going to back to reality is a bore.
  3. Took SFA pics but here's one from Sat arvo.
  4. Heading up the road. Perfectly timed to arrive when it's _hot_
  5. 1 more sleep. Not packed at all but did some shopping for essentials
  6. Heading up Wednesday, won't be as mad an hour as @Chris.QCR There was still someone else in the usual spot when I left on Sunday.
  7. Seemed to be a few long-termers since New Years actually.
  8. Camped down the other end. Top tip, don't camp under willow trees with these things in them. https://nzacfactsheets.landcareresearch.co.nz/factsheet/InterestingInsects/Giant-willow-aphid---Tuberolachnus-salignus.html Shelter is a stick messy. Tent not too bad.
  9. Been getting in some pre-relaxing at VH this weekend. There was a lot of cock about.
  10. I'll be bringing back Rogee's prize table too.
  11. Thanks. I do have the form here somewhere.
  12. @KKtrips Is there a go-to place for NDT in Wellington? The guy who did this last time for me seems to have vanished.
  13. Yeah, I just don't want to go to the effort of bringing wood if they have clamped down.
  14. Nice work on that outer guard - it's hard to do that sort of welding without making a mess of the panel.
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