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  1. Took a potato pic of the insides of my BOC 181. Looks well built. Bit surprised that the welding current is provided directly from the PCB but that's the way it goes.
  2. Great write up KWS, always enjoy reading your posts. On Thames plant, it started with Peugeot's and included Ramblers, Hino, Isuzu, and Renault as well as Toyotas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automotive_industry_in_New_Zealand#1964_Campbell_Motor_Industries
  3. Not much it seems? How about this place over your way? https://brewdstokesvalley.co.nz/ Might be @bmxnz11's local.
  4. Good run eh. I don't think it's that surprising though. If a car is in OK shape then there's no real reason for them to conk out on long trips. Just keep an eye on the oil and coolant. I seldom take tools along these days, just cross fingers and go.
  5. Nominal


    I doubt that it will be that fussy to spray. I mix it up and brush it on. I did have a hassle with the hardener going hard on it's own due to not sealing it up properly though. Make sure you have a good mask for spraying paint.
  6. The bolt through the pillar is fairly common for the era. Shouldn't be a problem on a vehicle that is otherwise stock.
  7. Could always do a @kyteler and keep it as artwork. Wouldn't take up much space.
  8. Tanks can't be electroplated inside very easily as the process doesn't really work without a direct flow between the anode (which would have to be inside the tank) and cathode (the tank itself). When I let my fabricated tank get rusty I had to cut the top off again to get it plated and even then the coverage wasn't great inside the tank (inside corners didn't get much zinc).
  9. Surely only a Z foamer would notice that. That Oxford wagon had was tagges as a saloon in the NZTA system and that was never an issue for WOF's.
  10. Nice going eh. I suppose the one that was at Marshlands is long gone.
  11. Thought of you when I watched this the other day.
  12. Any mechanic worth paying should be able to sort it out in less than an hour.
  13. Did the mechanic do a compression test?
  14. I don't really get the point in bolting in something like that. You have to cut the chassis apart anyway, so it can hardly be put back to stock.
  15. Looks awesome. Did you get a lot of attention at the show?
  16. Happily welded the Mercury grille together (ss tubing and ms brackets) with my MIG. In industry it would be about weld performance and contamination issues. Use the right machine, wire, gas etc and it should be no issue. https://www.millerwelds.com/resources/article-library/welding-stainless-steel-tube-and-pipe-maintaining-corrosion-resistance-and-increasing-productivity
  17. BH 2020 another pic from FB
  18. Not going to make it this month, too much on the go.
  19. I made my own, just scaled to the size of the tubing specified in the manuals and welded up.
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