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  1. Nice, the Prototipo is a great wheel. I have one in my D21. It might eventually make its way into the 110 on occasion too because it's so nice to use.
  2. Done!* *for all other categories too
  3. If you tidied up that snub nose so it was more of a defender look in terms of lamps, I reckon that'd be pretty decent!
  4. Still super envious about this. Such a great project. Good shit man, keep up the great work!
  5. You get to choose your categories to compete in, definitely a worthy candidate in my mind.
  6. https://debossgarage.com/ics2021 I think you should enter this monsoir pawg.
  7. I also now have a framed black and white picture of a topless man in my shed... Does it get any better?
  8. I'm just happy I got to finally come along to one. It was lovely.
  9. I've been peeping this on insta for a wee while. Such a good wee van, so clean.
  10. Oh man, how good. Getterdun. Sell the wheels you botched to help pay for it?
  11. IMSA widebody and wider wheels again. Do it.
  12. Lol, cows. One of the best things about Japan is the massive lack of livestock compared to here. Rice fields and other crops everywhere, we drove all over and saw one farm that had cattle/livestock.
  13. Yeah, potentially. That's the jist though, pay a bloke to organize someone to get the info then to translate it. I think.
  14. All the data is available but at a price because in Japan you can get the info but you have to physically go into the licencing agent and pay some fees. I can dig up the name of the place if you want, not sure off the top of my head.
  15. He's progressed to the next level after defeating the Mitsi boss.
  16. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLaOhH9FghG/?igshid=1uln5tpurdxn3
  17. If there's a rotor too fucked to do anything with I'd like one for my shed if you want to sell it ?
  18. You and Chris probably have reptile scrotums...
  19. Just going to leave this here....
  20. Got the bitch home, just over 2600km later (after small tyre conversion to kms, odo shows 3200ish) Big ups to @Goatfor coming for a roadtrip with me on the way up and then back to Welly. Only one minor hiccup, it was raining from Dunedin south and a gust of air from a passing truck lifted the wiper up past the pillar and then popped it off the ball mount so I had to bodge it back together in the rain on the side of the road but no harm, no foul. Cheers again urrywun for the güd toimz
  21. Thanks for letting me join in on your relaxation. Apologies for not getting around to seeing everyone once I got there I slotted into maximum lazy and just followed the shade around. It was awesome. The old novelty wagon did alright driving up and has done OK so far going back. I'm not far from arriving back in the South Island and making my way back to Invers. Lovely times with lovely people. Chur.
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