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  1. Is it the Third Wednesday again??? Someone mentioned it might be....
  2. It does have life, but trouble booting. Not insurmountable though....will devote some time to it over the next week or so. Thanks!
  3. And here it is, all the way from the Auckland mega sale. (much love to the man, the myth, the legend @chrisR for doing the legwork)
  4. And its logical offshoot, "Mitsi Wags4lyf"?
  5. Sorry, no rain in Timmers where I am currently located....did not realise conditions were less than optimal.
  6. Its in a car park, surely you can find a spare 2 metres to stand in?
  7. If I have one true weakness it isnt crap old cars, its crap old computers. I'm nearly in tears..... Someone get me that VT100 terminal please? edit: Oooo, and a Tangerine MacBook please...
  8. DoBros....Not just for Breakfast... @DoBro Jesus and @JustHarry working on the latest Mitsubishi of Disappointment...
  9. You might think so, but I was cleverer than that. I want to turn up in a 3 door hatch....so I've started with something oversize knowing it will shrink.
  10. The Mightly Dai can make the trip.....its done it before.
  11. I'm more likely to be able to sneak away for a weeknight burger.....
  12. Much swoon. Definitely on my list of desirable cars I'd gladly own.
  13. In my mind a CNC Router is "funner" than a laser as you can do real world engineering with them. Grab a sheet of ply and turn out tables, chairs, cupboards, caravan interiors, tiny homes, boats etc.
  14. What did you receive as part of the kit? From memory you needed to provide your own router?
  15. Late to the thread, sorry..... Another contact would be Tony at Atomick Laser in Lower Hutt (www.routercut.co.nz). He has built most of the equipment he runs (2400 by 1200 CNC, 1200 by 1200 3 axis CNC, 2 1200 x 1200 Lasers etc) and is a genuine nice guy to boot. I've looked at that Maslo but I dont know if the accuracy would be there? It relies a lot on the weight of the router to prevent it torquing off all over the place.
  16. Splashed some paint around and removed the bumper.... Next job is to clean, mask up and prime the right hand side of the engine bay.
  17. Wide mouth Frog getting some love. More preventative than final finish.
  18. So exposed spinning lawn mower blades might not get past then.... Cheers dude, work can now continue with a certain goal in mind.
  19. Was probably me cos memory is shit, but I was too lazy to go back for a look....
  20. Another question for the gestalt (If I can be so bold): So if I read this correctly, I can run my 1973 Saab without bumpers?
  21. This mornings haul.... This afternoons mission is to pull out the Haynes to find out where the screws are to unmount the Blower and the Braking system. This entire car seems to be built with self tapping Philips head screws, I've been able to do it all without changing screwdrivers.
  22. Turned a Swedish Bombshell into a toothless old crone...Part of the plan while we're all under house arrest to strip the engine bay ready for a cleanup and paint.
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