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  1. Having done a small part of that journey in a car I'd have to say you'd be fucking game to try it on scooters. That said it could also be quite fun in a big group. You'd need to pick your weather though.
  2. Good to see progress. Makes you feel better to get a project back together / going again after a long interval eh? Does for me anyway.
  3. Few bags of wheat in the tray she'll be all good mate / probably still cut loose like a bastard. Looks like fun but.
  4. Would these speaker pods be warrantable here or would they be considered a dangerous internal projection? They look to me like they might obstruct your feet more than just a bit.
  5. @azzurro, definitely save that van. It's like you've found rocking horse shit rare. I've seen one other irl and that was derelict in the '70s.
  6. My Civic got knocked back for a wof a couple of times for oil leaks. When I went to fix it I found that some of the sump bolts were barely finger tight. Might be worth just checking all the sump bolts and giving it a clean. Always assuming that the gasket is not completely rooted of course.
  7. Are you going to strip and clear coat all the tin work? Might look quite good. The FunHo Chromie look.
  8. Just burn small amounts at a time and keep feeding the fire. Worked for me when I lived in town.
  9. Many things here seem to have been painted with a mixture of waste oil and diesel by the previous owner. I would not recommend it in areas where it is likely that people will lean on it.
  10. Mine's an EN but I'd still be keen if you were close by. Would be a good first project for the boy. I'd probably never find the time to work on it with him though.
  11. Is that the GN that can't be complied and registered for road use? Looks like it has the farm kit fitted.
  12. I wouldn't use mdf. Ply has more structural integrity.
  13. Do you have a crank handle?
  14. Does that dehydrated stuff actually taste like food nowadays? I remember dried mashed potato being a bit shit way back when. Spamming the thread a bit. Jealous of the fun you're all going to have. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about last year's escapade.
  15. Just each take with you a few cans of bully beef and some sort of bread. With that and some beer you'll be all set.
  16. I totally don't get this, from the second link. Makes no sense at all. New Zealand has strict controls on the importation of tobacco for sale. There is an absolute prohibition in the Smoke-Free Environments Act 1990 on the importation for sale of tobacco, which is suitable for chewing, or any other oral use other than smoking. Approval cannot be given to import chewing tobacco for sale.
  17. ....if you don't mind driving around town in second gear cos it won't run slow enough in top.
  18. No, but I can well imagine people smashing all the things around the thing they want because they don't have the right tools / sufficient intelligence to remove it sensibly in case someone else wants the other stuff.
  19. Yes I have a parts car but South Otago so a bit far away unless you get desperate.
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