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  1. I have plenty of those big brown hairy spiders with darker patches on their backs. Can bring some to Nats for you if you're interested.
  2. Not too late to book for Nats. Fly into Chch, someone will give you a ride.
  3. Thanks guys. Thought it was probably just a bit dodgy. It's my coon. An Aussie assembled S model. Think it does have a slippery judging by way it behaves on loose surfaces and the twin trenches it digs when my daughter dumps the clutch. Good news is that the weird steering vibration it had is gone now even with one new tyre and one barely warrantable one on the front.
  4. Just how dodgy is it to run different sized tyres on the same axle? Only a small difference, 205 and 215 with the same profile. I've had to get one new tyre to replace one that had canvas showing. The remaining three are warrantable as is the spare so I want to save the new one and run the four that have about the same amount of tread but the spare is a 215 and the others are all 205s. I figure to take the two matching tyres from the back, which are the best ones, and run them on the front with the two sort of matching ones on the rear.
  5. Of course everything British from that era has Lucas lights. The vent thing is what I couldn't quite figure out.
  6. Someone should be able to identify it from the part number on the indicator lense. I'm with something BMC set up for pre '65 racing or rallying hence the roll cage.
  7. Pretty sure the Lawrence lions are still in the Otago Museum. Lawrence is okay, it just gets really cold in the winter time there, even by Otago standards. If @crazytim is a real Aucklander he might take a while to acclimatize. When you coming down mate? Always keen to meet other members irl.
  8. I've got an EN Civic 5 speed here that I'll never use. The car it came out of was a runner before I started stripping parts off it.
  9. Anyone who thinks salting the roads is a good idea can go eat a bag of diseased dicks.
  10. I'm not sure that any of my BMC cars have even had an engine number. Some may have had evidence of a tag having been removed though.
  11. But how many wof guys nowadays would pick that the engine in your Mini is a 1098 instead of the 848 it came with? My wof guy had a Mini in the shop a while ago and we got sharning and discovered I'd done more engine changes on them than he had.
  12. What's with five cylinder engines in a narrow vee configuration where both banks share the same head? Daughter's boyfriend was talking about a V5 his father had driven once and I thought he'd got himself confused but a little bit of reading confirms that it is actually a thing. I'd come across IL5s before like the 2.5 diesel Landrover but to me a vee configuration with an odd number of cylinders is just plain weird. Thoughts?
  13. I have seen a steam powered motorcycle. Does that count as a piston engine, which it is, or not because not internal combustion?
  14. Like the new canopy but it looks like the tarp has been inadvertently inverted.
  15. Had a bloody good day out today. Looked at tractors, yarned with tractor barries, watched tractor pulling, yarned with military re-enactment barries, photographed tractors and cars, yarned with tractor barries some more, looked at tractors again, drove someone's spare tractor in the grand parade, yarned some more, then wagon timed it home with the radio cranking out '60s and '70s music. Pics shall be posted in the appropriate threads. I shall probably have a medicinal brandy soon.
  16. Plenty of my generation smoked a bit of weed while haymaking.
  17. Must be plenty of young guys nearby keen to earn a few pingas. This used to be the prime source of income for teens / early twenties once upon a time.
  18. Are super dark tints in the back of a wag not legal anymore? Thought only the front door glass and windscreen had to comply with regs for that. Even if you painted the side windows in the back black it'd still have the same amount of visibility as a sedan delivery.
  19. Nice ute. Shame you've lost the cool stripe.
  20. Just spotted this. Sweet car. Like to put in a vote for twin round headlight front in case you haven't already decided which one to use. Reckon the rectangular lights don't look quite right with the sweet curves of everything else but hey your car so whatever eh cos you have to live with it.
  21. @yoeddynz may have some valuable knowledge of this.