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  1. What are your thoughts regarding an overnighter somewhere? I still have two boxes of dobros left over from Nats.
  2. That road turns to shit quite quickly in the winter. Could still be a bit of fun though. Maybe an overnighter somewhere could work as part of this?
  3. That depends upon whether members mind a bit of gravel road action.
  4. Except that almost nothing is the same.
  5. excerpt from Wikipedia, ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ History[edit] The history of Todd Corporation is understood to have begun in 1885, when Scottishimmigrant Charles Todd founded & opened either a wool scouring business (according to Todd Energy) or a rural goods store in Central Otago. By 1929, it had evolved into a car sales and maintenance business run by his son and namesake Charles Todd after the company began importing motor vehicles. This automotive business would define the Todd family business until well into the 1980s. Charles Todd was credited with bringing the first motor car into Otago and in 1908 acquired a Ford dealership in Dunedin then in 1928 acquired the Rootes Group franchise for Hillman, Humber and Commer and obtained an Auckland branch. During the protectionist years of the 1930s the Todd family formed Todd Motor Industries Limited and in 1934 built an automotive assembly plant in Petone to reassemble vehicles imported as parts from Chrysler (USA) and Rootes. According to the Todd Energy website by 1964, Todd Motors was assembling and selling over 10,000 cars per year. In 1970 the company purchased the New Zealand Mitsubishi franchise. This franchise and assembly plants were sold to Mitsubishi Motors in 1987. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The original Todd cottage in Heriot is still there. I keep meaning to photograph it and other relics of the era. Will be interesting to see if any Ford Ts turn out for the heritage day along with the Rootes group stuff.
  6. One vote for retaining the stripe. Looks a bit bland without it. Good to see a wagon being saved.
  7. Crowns are like Pokémon? Gotta catch 'em all?
  8. Kind of. Here's the link from spam. https://www.aixam.com/en/
  9. You are seriously considering adding a turbo to this already monstrously over powered machine? Why ever not?
  10. Would look sweet running rebel with the wheels sticking out past the guards. Shame it's not the '80s any more. Those white steel rims look sweet too. Got a full set?
  11. For what it's worth 12" Starlet wheels fit BMC ADO16s. Width and pcd both match.
  12. We've used Supercats on Mary's Laser without any untoward occurrences but she never drives fast. The only time she's got into a slide and whacked the bank was on a gravel road and I'm pretty sure tyre choice didn't come into the equation.
  13. You're a fucking wizard mate. That roof looks amazing.
  14. I have plenty of those big brown hairy spiders with darker patches on their backs. Can bring some to Nats for you if you're interested.
  15. Not too late to book for Nats. Fly into Chch, someone will give you a ride.
  16. Thanks guys. Thought it was probably just a bit dodgy. It's my coon. An Aussie assembled S model. Think it does have a slippery judging by way it behaves on loose surfaces and the twin trenches it digs when my daughter dumps the clutch. Good news is that the weird steering vibration it had is gone now even with one new tyre and one barely warrantable one on the front.
  17. Just how dodgy is it to run different sized tyres on the same axle? Only a small difference, 205 and 215 with the same profile. I've had to get one new tyre to replace one that had canvas showing. The remaining three are warrantable as is the spare so I want to save the new one and run the four that have about the same amount of tread but the spare is a 215 and the others are all 205s. I figure to take the two matching tyres from the back, which are the best ones, and run them on the front with the two sort of matching ones on the rear.