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  1. On my 20v 4AGE swap I needed to provide the ECU with a switched earth speed signal to stop it throwing error codes. Eventually did it by hacking up a bicycle computer setup - you know the ones, magnet on a spoke and sensor on the forks jobby. Attached a small neodynium magnet to the prop and the sensor to the driveshaft hoop. Bit of a bodge but worked for my purposes, not sure if it would work here?
  2. Nice to see this thing getting love, it's a little gem. The rust repairs look smart.
  3. When I was slapping everything together back at the end of 2017 to get this thing on the boat to the UK, I did a bit of a hash job splicing the wiring looms (4age engine and ECU loom, and the Starlet body loom) together, just to get it into a running state to load. It worked, so I left it as it was for 12 months and just enjoyed the car, but it bugged me knowing what a shitfest it was under the dash. Take a look at this mess: So I ordered a nice fuse/distribution box and set about shortening wires, routing them properly, and generally making the whole thing easier to trou
  4. This was tucked away over winter having some tickling. It was running really well last year, but was drinking a bit of oil, and would let out a puff of smoke when opening the throttle wide after a period of pootling. Compressions were good on all 4, symptoms pointed to valve stem seals, which is a common issue for these engines at this age. As a 'while I'm here' job, I decided to replace the inlet cam VVT pulley, as this had developed a rattle (again, extremely common due to wear of the internal teeth that engage to actuate the vvt timing change). NOS pulleys are available, but expensive ,
  5. Lime! This is a cool car. Was the neighbour of my Starlet for a while in it's previous shed location. Good choice of wheel, I like a Longchamp.
  6. Oops, missed one. This is it next to one of my dad's Triumphs, and my brother's MX5. Fun little family jaunt!
  7. Long overdue update. Essentially I've just been driving this on sunny days. It's great, it's been very well behaved so far, and I love it. Plans over winter include a head-off tickle up with new valve stem seals, a thinner 0.8mm TRD metal head gasket, and a new VVT pulley (the old one is worn and rattles like hell). Chuffed really.
  8. I won't argue with either of these sentences. Doing it well enough, at least (I hope) Brapbrapbrap. Gonna see how well it drives stock first, but porting not out of the question when its roadworthy. Hi Al.
  9. Hi all, We weren't back in the UK long before everything got a bit daft. The Starlet arrived from NZ, and Meg started craving a project car of her own. This popped up about an hour away from us, on FB marketplace. Low mileage, UK market S3 FB that had been (garaged) off the road for 12 years, following an MOT failure for rust (obviously). Here, have the shit picture that made me drive out to see it. Allegedly a runner, the chap couldn't get it running when I arrived. Had some nasty areas of rot, particularly on inner/outer sills, and some annoyingly crusty non-struc
  10. Pipes were AliExpress sourced iirc, unsurprised that they didn't bother packing them with anything
  11. Amaze, so glad this went to a good home, Meg will be stoked that you've been cracking on. Looking forward to seeing your progress with the big block
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