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  1. Chur mate but I really am skint at the mo. Not just from the paint but Xmas and visas an stuff! It'll take me a while to come right but cheers. I fancy a carbed clevo i reckon. Maybe even stroke it to a 393 if I win that powerball ha. If I get mine as straight looking as that I'll be a happy fella. Should come right though.
  2. Skid pic. Weak i know, but so is the gearbox! also, pining over this, not so much the price. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/ford/auction-1220132748.htm
  3. took the carb apart again today, theres loads of shit in the float reservoir again, the filter is clear so unless it was already sitting in the pump from the last time i cleaned it fuck knows what happened. idles nice now though, took her for a blast round the block and seems to just be nicer all round. result. also fixed the rocker cover oil leak, again! lol fucking fords.
  4. na she'll be right mate. hardest part will be taking off that rubber paint stuff. you should've seen the state of the triumph before i started that. big job yes, but i need something to keep me busy over christmas even though i'll probably only get the prep done. i've rattlecanned a few cars in the past and i reckon one this big would cost me near what i paid for the paint anyway haha.
  5. so i towed the other one to a mates place last weekend, on an a frame. it was about 3 k's away so decided to go full retard and flat tow it instead of pay $70 for the car trailer rental. still, it got there without incident. i've pretty much said eveything else in the other thread too. the paint was a bit more than i was expecting, seeing as it cost me $300 to paint the hilux, however this was naive of me to compare 1 litre of paint and thinners to paint an old hilux cab to the 4 litres needed to paint a monster falcon ute. still. its done noe, and bread and water for a week is good for t
  6. Got rid of the other one last weekend, hooked it up to an A frame and moved it at about 7am sunday morning lol. good times avoiding the law. but it got there, its not like there was anything left on it to fall off anyway officer! And, i bought some paint today. FAAK me i'm skint haha. this is what $1200 looks like sitting on your garage floor. but its due a wof end of next week so hopefully it'll get through without anything terminal and i wont have wasted that much. we shall see. should be good fun over the christmas break though. also picked up some XE headlights today, so
  7. been slack with the updates, but i always am. bought the other one yesterday, its a clean clean shell man. in another life i'd have built it for sure. factory underseal car. my mate is having it off me too so thats the quickest i've ever bought and sold a car ha
  8. sos for no updates yet, i'm sure you're all desperately waiting to see how i'm getting on with a poxy falcon lol. its broke down, fixed itself, leaked about 4 litres of oil, leaked fuel an stuff, yeah, all usual shite. i've also got number 6 spark plug sitting at a mad angle in the head, yay! so that's a problem that's pissing me off cos i cant take it out unless i want to take the head off and fix that, massively uneconomical on a 330k engine that i don't really want anyway. but i'm hoping its gonna stick it out until i put something else in it, i'm wanting a clevo v8 now, we'll see.
  9. it is too. its actually an XF with the front end transplanted but yeah. my bad.
  10. yeeeees! i'm liking the flames idea. much piss needed and then get mates at it with some dazzle. DB is in progress.
  11. saw this earlier, jizzed a bit. i might look for XD parts...
  12. Ok so really early doors yet but plans are to implode the canopy ( or remove it and sell it, whatevers most fun) peel off the tints, give it a good service and check it all over etc. not that it seems to need it, everything seems suitibly worn in / out for a 30 year old ford. everything seems to work, which is cool and useful for a daily. needs an alignment badly, has airhorn (sigh) so thats getting ripped out soon and i started on my mullet today ( there will be lots of mullet jokes and banter, you have been warned) i'm keeping the hilux for a week or prob slightly more to see if
  13. Got myself a new project tonight. 1988 XF falcon. 4.1, 3 on the tree. Cheers to XSSpeed for basically kicking me up the arse and getting me on with it. i startet looking at XH xr6's, always wanted a XD V8 so i'm kinda in the middle. canopy is going sooner rather than later, tints are already peeling themselves off which is great, bit of tinkering and see if she's a good daily. Plenty of room in here for the future Tidy Enough I love the wheels, ok so they're not tridents and eagers, but i'll get there. //oldschool.co
  14. So i've been woprking on the Triumph for a few weeks, it needed a wof and rather than patch it up here and there i gave her a wee tickle and re did some stuff i wasn't happy with from the first build up. this was a list as long as your arm of small bits, but now, for the first time in a long time i'm happy with her apearance. i did some stuff the missus wanted doing too, and gave her some upgrades, namely, a cup holder on the glovebox lid and some usb and phone charging ports in there too! simple things to keep her indoors happy! haha. things i've re done. the front seatbelts were old and
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