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  1. Stands for a grinder and a linisher: Welded up out of left over bits... And painted Better than paying about $150 each.
  2. Then tidy it up and paint: And finally learn to ride it, which was way easier than expected... Now off to save the world!!!
  3. The two bikes although the same brand were different sizes, so I had to remove about 15mm from the frame on all three sides: Then tack it together to check alignment: Yep, rough enough!
  4. After finishing the drift trike, I needed a quick and achievable project to take on for an easy win. Talking to an avid cyclist friend of mine, he casually asked if I'd heard of "tall bikes save the world"? "WTF are you on about", was my reply! But when home I googled it and then couldn't stop thinking about it...so:
  5. I finished this on Friday, but delayed posting as I made it as a surprise gift for a mate. He does follow some of the car builds etc on old school, so I was cautious of posting final pics until after I'd given it to him. Anyway here it is in all its glory: And a quick vid of me testing it. He's pretty happy with it, which makes it all worthwhile.
  6. Carburetor turned up...it's huge! Going to have to rethink this, probably have to make up a long runner/manifold to reposition it, as there's no room where the current one is.
  7. Sounds like better use of donated money than buying a stupid beach near Nelson...it's not like nz doesn't have enough public access to beaches, however sachs rotary mini kombi vans - now there's a worthy cause!
  8. Okay, you've probably seen this link...but just in case: It sat in the corner (to borrow my best friends quote) next to the electronic keyboard and the karate suit for a while. Then one morning I woke up and thought fuck it - and rode it down the road about 3km and back. Man it was fun, such a unique ride, so much fun with smiles from ear to ear and average speed of 75kph. Since then I've ordered a much bigger Miukni carburetor off eBay, waiting on delivery, should be an improvement Kj
  9. Got the paint done in Henry Ford style:
  10. As long as it has cup holders somewhere on the inside, i don't think you can go wrong
  11. Throttle linkages worked out great. I wasn't sure about it...but nothing to worry about, does what it needs to do. Before: And after:
  12. The axle has a certain amount of adjustment in terms of a chain tensioner. But Murphy's law...the way I mounted the motor landed on a half link. Now getting a #35 half link is like trying to find a unicorn in nz. However this should do the trick: And yup, it sure did...worked out perfectly!
  13. Quick scrub up with wheel cleaner, YouTube recommended...maybe the usa brands work, mine was no better than say dish washing liquid? But the oil is gone, so it's better than before: Then, replaced the shitty old valve cover: And its now starting to look the part.
  14. Port matched exhaust... And muffler shimmed with coke zero cans (we were out of beersies).
  15. Then on to the frame, preparing for paint. And then 1 minute later (yeah right!):
  16. I removed the external threaded conduit as well. The internet is full of over complicated solutions for blocking the hole it leaves...this is what I did: Installed: I did shave about 3mm of the bolts head, just to aid clearance as it was a tight space. If I'd gone for a slightly shorter bolt that would have solved this issue too...but I have a lathe...so quicker for me to take it off that end.
  17. Motor: I'm removing the oil cut off sensor here. It would shut motor down when cornering...no good for a drift trike. Engine will be fine as there will be oil there. Before: And after removal:
  18. Working on the brakes. It has a huge drum in the rear and a disc up front. May as well make use of what's there...so here goes: This random selection of bits I found/made should almost do it. Should be becoming clearer now So a cable will go around the groove in the "roller" on the bolt. The other bolt has a 3mm hole in it and the cable will double through it and once tightened should lock the cable. More pics later.
  19. I've been riding my newly made goped around for about a week now...goes awesome, not too loud, quite fast, reliable... yada yada yada... So then inspired by getting back on this goped, I dug out my other two that were buried behind a mountain of shit in my shed... no easy task. Holly fuck they're fast! It's been so long since I've ridden them I truly forgot just how insane the power band is, I nearly flipped it first go! The red one (pictured in the middle) is geared lower and has a brutal transition between slow and hold the fuck on! The blue one pulls like
  20. Here's the wiring diagram I also put a couple bypass switches in so I can manually override each fan separately if I suspect my vehicle might enter "a state of sustained loss of traction" where the engine may get hot, I can manually turn the fans on prior to giving it some jandal!
  21. I fitted a (either EA or AU, can't remember) ford falcon fan to mine. Apparently they are the shizzle when it comes to electric fans, pumping out twice the air anything Repco would sell you. I had to cut it up a bit to make it fit, but got there in the end.
  22. Then I kind of got in the zone and forgot to take pictures...oppps? But I made: -An adapter for the air filter -Cut up an RC car expansion chamber and made it fit this application. -And machined up some fiddly little stuff to adapt the carburetor to take a cable, as the original was driven by a RC servo. I fitted a deck and other bits left over from past goped projects. Replaced all the old fuel lines with new. Pulled the starter...brommm brommmm...yeah buddy, success!!!!
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