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  1. My old man bought one for my sisters new townie partner when he came to work on the farm could buy a gn125 ag spec -knobblys, jacked front guard, handle bar guards for mudbug 125 money. plus it's a bit shorter. Turned out he is a mad cnut, and the tacho spent its whole life in the red until the cable snapped. Fuckin thing still goes as backup bike across 2 farms...
  2. How about a Hitachi SU? Aka flat top from 260z? They have an accelerator pump. People think they are shit, but they are just 40 years old and need a re kit.
  3. Has it got abs? Might need 'cycling' to free it up?
  4. Look up nico club forum. They had all the fsm's for all the different years and models I did the same on heaps of rb's 10-15 years ago and it was usually just a few pins difference. I think it's way easier to have the correct loom if you are trying to run a stock ecu as there are sometimes random resistors taped into the loom in different models
  5. Are the brake lines to the cylinders metric or imperial? Pre 71 cedrics had imperial fittings. 71 on had metric.
  6. On SAU its a common mod to do the 324mm rotors with the 280mm calipers you have and some adapters. I think it just fits under the wheels you have. +1 for just getting it out and driving tho!
  7. Drill a hole in ya thermostat so it can flow during warm up and don't tell ya old man?
  8. You will need that water return to allow water to circulate while it warms up before the thermostat opens. Otherwise you will get hot spots where the water will boil
  9. We just pulled out some heat exchangers out of a large compressor that have a bundle of tubes like the ones pictured. What pressure rating do you need? How long? They are steel tubes. Slightly corroded hence the replacement. I'll see if I can chop some out for you. Our company has one of those policies that it all has to go to scrap, but I'm pretty sure some of the tubes had to be 'cut' out to get the coolers out...
  10. Lol China factor. Might as well chuck some higher ratio rockers in for a bit more grunt while your at it
  11. Think I saw you heading south last Saturday. Can't remember where. Just remember the car. Looks good!
  12. Old balancer no longer true/slipped around a bit on the rubber? I have seen it a few times on various old cars. Need to take out front spark plug and stick a bolt in and find true tdc. /saw a cool video of some diesel bogans and they had a magnetic degree wheel that they just slapped on the balancer. Also have my own problems sneezing out the carb. Think its air leaks from worn throttle shaft or the flogged out hole
  13. Are you just replacing the rod and piston? I have a 4.5 crank, rods, and pistons you can have. I believe it's a bolt in into the 4.1 block.
  14. yea, start at the highest nipple and work ya way down so your not pushing air down.
  15. Can you shorten the rod from the pedal to the master a bit. Sounds like it needs to go back a bit to let the pressure out.
  16. One of our guys in the heavy fab shop has a hugong something like that ad. He uses it for tig and stick. Usually wound right up. For hours at a time. Has had a few minor issues. He purchased through duroweld in new plymouth. The 3 years commercial warranty was the main selling point. Any issues he just takes it back and they have sorted it.
  17. 3rz 3rz 3rz! I helped a mate turbo one in oz. It was silly at 7psi. There is a motor in a shed up here that would be cheap for a spare if you needed it
  18. Check with robinson instruments in auckland. An inline gearbox from them might not be that expensive. As for the meshing, most of the nissan boxes can have a bunch of different plastic speedo gears all running off the same gearbox gear.
  19. 123 slightly(like 1 tooth) lower than the petrol. 4/5 the same. The diff is the difference. Edit- i converted one to a rb25 bellhousing for a drifter mate and told him the ratios would be slightly different and he said he could not tell. I suppose 400kw is going to turn the wheels no matter what. Haha
  20. Was going to suggest the 6 speed nissan box. As it seems like your going to make a bix fit, you could go a nissan navara diesel 5 speed. They are same as rb25 turbo skyline, so strong, but also 80mm shorter. Most of them had better synchros than the skylines too. Can be had for 350-400 if you look around
  21. We buy a lot of pipe/steel/ss from azmuss in new plymouth. They have been dominating all the other suppliers for price. Pretty sure they are in h-town
  22. the runners are pretty short. -6cyl datsun its got to be better than a SU carb right? at idle the fuel already dribbles past the throttle plate i hope to turbo it so much heat, there is a ton of room in the top of the hat to put the injectors. putting them up from below would work too, but would lose the carb heat circuit i am fitting 2x 550cc ev14 short injectors into each carb. there is a good heat circuit through the carb floor, and intake floor. here is a diagram of some filthy U.S TBI carb, im doing the same thing but sideways. heres a kit for a similar carb
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