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  1. *dinner and a blow
  2. Meet me in the Hanmer cemetery on Saturday night and you'll find out
  3. All things going to plan, I'm a 'walk-on' on the ferry on Thursday morning 8am Bluebridge and will get cheap hire car from picton for convoy with the full Seedywag. You should jump in with me, if you can swing Thursday free.
  4. Following through on 11 and a half months of positive intent...... I've entered. Wouldn't miss Hanmer for anything. Thanks Karl
  5. Sweet whip man. See you at Wagnats! Please leave the note on the window about the brakes as well. It's a period correct accessory.
  6. Ahhh, the habitat of the lost wild beaver (shown in daylight)
  7. Indeed! I'm hoping to buddy up in the Seedy Wag. Just need to sort my shits out.
  8. Great to see progress chief. Repairs remind me of...
  9. Sex toys and massages are pretty common at Vinegar Hill at new years. (and wagnats)
  10. Sorry to hear mate. That stinks. Best of luck getting it sorted.
  11. Good shit! Nice to see Mr Aidan along for the skids.
  12. Good shit man. Great that you're sticking with it. A toast and some hugs that Nats.
  13. That interior looks so awesome. Well done man.
  14. I too am the master of bated breath. Just a tricksy tease for me.