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  1. Get shopping. That wag, with those rims.
  2. Excellent, I've been keen to get the thread going! Golf fishing off the bridge and wearing arse-less chaps backwards are hot points of discussion!
  3. That was a great meet. Nice to see everyone and Parrot Dog had the tasty treats. Special shout out to my gal Cholula!
  4. My reading comprehension is lacking tonight. Is the meet on? Benny and I were planning on coming. It's very close to my work. Maybe we'll turn up and see what happens.
  5. Good shit. Up or down the hill first?
  6. Thanks Rogee, but I'm a non-starter tonight. I'll be better next month.
  7. Hi folks, sorry, but the seasonal craziness has got the better of me, so I'm a non starter. Catch you all in the new year. Cheers.
  8. I can come to the workshop and give them an organic basting
  9. Great meet. It was nice to bring the Escort out for the first time in ages. I realised on the way home that it's the first time I've driven it since it turned 50 (built in September 1968).