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  1. I only posted about the very few things I photographed. The welcome and passive hangs with you on Thursday and Friday morning were a massive highlight. As was the river float. Thursday strolls and evening fire were only experienced by seven of us and were special in their own way. The quiet times, help balance the busy times.
  2. Oh yeah, this is what I do every year. Wears me out and makes me thirsty.
  3. Let's take the long way. It's better to pull over than drive home.
  4. Have a swig love: That's better. The Royal Couple:
  5. Such dudes Hey, how are you doing? Bloody good thanks, mate, you're looking good yourself.
  6. Mt Everest. No Bizzo this year (respect to that man), but a swell journey. To those who don't know, I received guidance from the universe that we needed to drink vinegar up the hill at Vinegar Hill. So, we polished off a bottle of DYC's finest apple cider vinegar. Results varied, but the hike, picnic and experience were A1. Hayhole drank the Lion's share, but took it like a reflective gazing champ.
  7. Bridge party. I was blown away (figuratively, thanks to the safety rope), that we had 21 people partying the sun down. Rosé and Peach bomb; lost jandals and Michael Jackson; tail dragging @Brimmy and sheweeing. Magic.
  8. Travelling up with the lovely Al and Jason (first time going to Wagnats up SH1 for him). Mana start amd Foxton straight refreshments.
  9. I visited Treesus five times. All with different combinations of people, or by myself. Each visit was different and special in its own way. It's a Totara, which I estimate to be at least 600 years old. It's seen a few more Wagnats than we have.
  10. Crikey, I'm late to the wake, but that sure was a stunning Wagnats. Wonderful times, with wonderful people.
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