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  1. Leestring! Mate, I hope to. If I survive Mancamp this weekend and get my ducks in a row, then I'll be along. I like talking business.
  2. Indeed! I'm hoping to buddy up in the Seedy Wag. Just need to sort my shits out.
  3. Great to see progress chief. Repairs remind me of...
  4. Sex toys and massages are pretty common at Vinegar Hill at new years. (and wagnats)
  5. Sorry to hear mate. That stinks. Best of luck getting it sorted.
  6. Good shit! Nice to see Mr Aidan along for the skids.
  7. Good shit man. Great that you're sticking with it. A toast and some hugs that Nats.
  8. That interior looks so awesome. Well done man.
  9. I too am the master of bated breath. Just a tricksy tease for me.
  10. Auckland's nothing compared to the Morris Dancer's trip from Christchurch. Get into it!
  11. Weep out of your joystick?
  12. The starter circuit is waiting until you have the appropriate puffy pastel tracksuit, with matching headband, to ride this.
  13. I saw a matching one of these outside KFC Kilbirnie last night. Same colour and gold wheels. The nature of Wellington means you will ride past this dude on yours and have a joyful moment when you see each other.
  14. Did you buy your Beat off someone local? Will you take the Beat offroad?
  15. Best of regards to Hannah's health. Bike crashes hit home hard for me, cos of proximity to my hobby. I look forward to our next meeting (and continue to admire your steeeez from afar).
  16. Wagnats soon and this is a favourite wag of mine. (14 weeks to Wagnats)
  17. Super rad!
  18. Cool, I'll thwang them in a bag and bring them along.
  19. Are you going to monthly meet tomorrow? Can bring to there. If not, then weekend is all good.
  20. Cuz, I've got a super swagless set of Dririder armoured jacket and pants that you're more than welcome to use for however long you want. More my size than yours, but better than nothing if you're gagging for the Valentino Rossi life.
  21. Buy them all Russell! All of the treasure!
  22. Top notch!
  23. Concur. Dude's got skills to bring the thrills.