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  1. If there is knuckles to be fucked, I WILL fuck them. This is a good idea though, Im glad you're addressing this issue
  2. That air shroud for the radiator is going to be great for pushing mud up into the radiator when you go four wheel driv.... Oh wait... nevermind Hahaha
  3. Yes I sure can. I may have to leave it at work as the driveway is pretty full but its a secure site (hospital)
  4. I can if you can't find someone in chch, I'm in Ashburton now
  5. I've replied to your message and we will sort it Chuur
  6. I will be there with my camera, is there any point on the road where the car is airborne? Or at least lifting the inside wheel?
  7. Right so I've been thinking I should probably give up the area rep title, I'm working 56hr weeks in shit reception/data areas and really don't have the time to sort out these meets etc I'll still try to make it to meets and cruises and other oldschool activities. So I guess this post is asking anyone if they're interested? @yoeddynz You have always been the best at organizing all this!! Keen?
  8. The Nelson vintage car club is on Saturday 17th Feb. Shall we have our next meet then?
  9. Oh hi guys!! Wow I've been so busy that oldschool has unfortunately fallen by the wayside. I do apologize for this and appreciate you guys coming together to sort something out. Definitely keen on the lawn bowls and swap meet!! Much excite
  10. This is most excellent news! I'm always keen on a catch up with you Sam, you also picked a week that I'm working in Brightwater and not Blenheim so that's good. I usually knock off at 3pm so there is a couple of hours that I'll be available for a beverage or 2. I shall pm you my number old chap. As for the meets I must apologize for my slackness, new job has been taking a lot of my focus. I'm really only available for weekend's now as I don't know where I'm working for each week. How about we organize a end of year type thing? Bbq at Rabbit island maybe? Any thoughts or ideas are welcome!
  11. The next meet lands on Thursday the 28th of September, I promise to make this one too!! I am very tempted to enter in the 400m sprint on the Sunday but i'm not 100% sure yet. Anyway i'll see you guys at the pub
  12. Shit! This is tonight! I'm sorry people but I can't make it, double booked myself. I'll head along to the rover car Club meet on Sunday though. @moparmuppet I assume it's at the Pigeon Valley steam museum? I'm always keen to hang out in your sheds and talk shit.
  13. I have a Bee-R Rev limiter that I can sell you? Does everything you are asking and has adjustable gain so you can adjust how hard or soft it limits. Surely it could be modded to work? I can confirm it creates savage backfires/flames/lolz
  14. That right there is a perfect place to practice your technique! Mazda v6 vs BMW inline 6? I think they would probably be a good match in a straight line
  15. There was a couple of times that I i thought I had gone too far but good old e30 held on. Also I was born sideways, seriously. 2 months premature and I was cut out because I was stuck at full lock. The beagle would love the 400m sprint, surely the 4 wheel drive would help you launch?
  16. That's good to know about the cotton overalls! Does the helmet need to be full face? @ThePog I may be able to get my 12 second's back on the sprint haha
  17. Usually no overalls/helmet needed with the grass events, even then it's no biggy to sort those items out
  18. Alright so our next meet will be Thursday the 31st of August. 6pm at the good old moutere inn. I must say the location seems to be working out quite well, it really is a great little pub. I will try to get some photos now that there's a little more sunlight in the day. Oldschool Nelson has also been asked if we would like to do a meet with the Nelson Car Club at a motorkahna or grasskahna event. A few of us have been to a couple of these events and its great fun! So whats the general consensus on this? Are you guys and girls interested in hooning your oldschool car? or any car/work truck for that matter.
  19. The whiskey for tonight is Talisker Dark Storm, The colour is golden amber and the nose has an instant interesting mix of rich, earthy smokiness (this is reminiscent of coal tar soap or freshly laid tarmac), bittersweet malty cereals and barley sugar. The smoke catches the nostrils and has a peppery chili-like edge to it. As these aromas fade a little, others come through - think of vanilla, honeycomb, caramel, fresh green apple, sultanas and a hint of candied orange and brine. On the palate, this is initially quite acrid and slightly bitter with a woody, almost charcoal-like edge. the result is drying and the similar peppery chili note from the nose exaggerates this. These notes are again reminiscent of hot tar, as on the nose, and wet earth. After this first blast, the whisky develops in an interesting way and just in time too. Some much needed sweetness comes through in the form of butterscotch, vanilla, golden syrup, malted barley plus some dried fruits (think especially of raisins, sultanas, candied orange and apricots). Two lovely notes appear towards the end and work well hand in hand with the others present - salted caramel and toasted nuts. A final sprinkle of earthy ginger powder completes the jigsaw. The finish is long and smoulders away for ages. The initial sweetness (the barley, honey, syrup and fruit) fade first, followed by the notes of salted caramel and toasted nuts. It is the warming, acrid and spicy smoke that lasts longest. This has an ultimately drying effect, which makes you want to reach for a sip of water or another sip of the whisky. Haha these reviews always crack me up! See you all tonight
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