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  1. @Not-a-number Looking good man. Is the A/C gassed up? I do wonder about those hose clips holding.
  2. Should be sweet as. Previous shape Hilux towbars were the same for 2WD and 4WD, just had the tongue flipped.
  3. Might want to give it a wash for better aerodynamics.
  4. I remember seeing a turbo commy years ago with the turbo mounted between the radiator and the engine.
  5. I like the net to catch any parts when they fall off the bike
  6. With a timing light https://www.toyotanation.com/threads/diy-ignition-timing-check-and-adjust-obd-i-93-95.1374553/
  7. Did you check the ignition timing after the new belt was on?
  8. All I hear are excuses. You know you don’t want to miss the premiere oldschool event of the year.
  9. https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/tb-general/guidance-clearly-visible-smoke If there is no smoke once it warms up when you give it a rev, it will pass.
  10. Correct. Reverse lights are a permitted lamp. So you don’t need them.
  11. Chin spoiler looks lush. I am not a fan of the text on the intercooler tho.
  12. Yes, Pre 2000 MA only needs a right wing mirror or an interior mirror, BUT, if you have tints, you must have wing mirrors on both sides. (See note 1 in above link)
  13. The virm has just been updated to say cameras can be used in place of mirrors, but it would need to be on all the time the car is on, not just in reverse. https://vehicleinspection.nzta.govt.nz/virms/in-service-wof-and-cof/general/vision/rear-view-mirrors Your 720 Is class NA (Ute) so must have a right side and either an interior OR left side mirror. (See tables and images in the link above) New flat deck utes usually get spacers/extensions for the wing mirrors.
  14. @VintageSpecial I have moved all these posts to this thread.
  15. Did you put the spark plug leads back on the right plugs?
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